Jealous Demi Moore Forbids Madonna From Inviting Cameron Diaz To Her Oscars Party

Jealous Demi Moore Forbids Madonna From Inviting Cameron Diaz To Her Oscars Party

Cameron Diaz paid the price last night for Demi Moore’s sick jealousy as she was banned from Madonna‘s Academy Awards party. Cameron was looking really hot on the Red Carpet and probably would have enjoyed hanging out with other A-listers at Madonna’s traditional Oscars party. But that was not destined to happen since Demi was the boss of making up the guest list and she hates and fears Cameron.

Madonna’s party had the biggest imaginable stars invited including Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt but Cameron was absolutely not amongst the invitees. And it’s such a shame since Cameron had so much plastic surgery preparing for the big night! The problem for Cameron is that Demi is insanely jealous, paranoid, and mean! Demi has co-hosted the party with Madonna for the last couple of years and is apparently key in making up the guest list. When Cameron flirted shamelessly with Ashton Kutcher at a Golden Globe Awards party in January – WITH Demi present – she sealed her fate!

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Demi and Madonna are both toyboy hunting cougars and Cameron is perceived as just too much of a threat – she is just 39 years young. And let’s not forget that Ashton starred with Cameron in the 2008 film ‘What Happens in Vegas’ and also dated Madonna’s ex, Alex Rodriguez. Ashton’s infidelity – most notably with Sara Leal who went public with it – sent Demi completely around the bend. Demi is now locked in rehab trying to get back in control of her broken brain.

A source said:  “Demi was instrumental in the guest list and told Madonna that there was no way in hell Cameron should be allowed over the threshold.  As a result she has been blackballed, and security informed not to let her in under any circumstance.”

Franky both Madonna and Demi are pathetic. Snubbing poor Cameron just because she’s a bit of a flirt? Okay, maybe a bit of slut – but still… . Neither one of them, neither Madonna and nor Demi can deal with the reality that as long as they insist on robbing the cradle they will face younger and more attractive Hollywood babes poaching on their dudes. Perhaps it’s time for a little lesson from Machiavelli – ‘keep you friend close but your enemies closer!’

Image credit: Fame/Flynet