Cameron Diaz Destroyed By Cosmetic Surgery Gone Wild (Photo)


Cameron Diaz was once a beautiful actress but the celeb has opted for too much cosmetic surgery and now looks ridiculous. Experts in the field claim that Cameron’s new look is the consequence of too much plastic surgery, cosmetic treatments and injections that have left her looking almost freakish.

A couple of celebrity doctors had disparaging comments to make on Cameron’s less than ideal appearance. Here is what they had to say:

Palm Beach celeb specialist Dr. Kenneth Beer says that Cameron has ‘chipmunk cheeks’ and ‘looks frozen.’

The good doctor elaborated:  “It looks like they overdid the Botox to smooth her forehead. She’s had far too much filler in her face.  Her cheeks are like a chipmunk’s, her lips are like sausages and her jaw is much wider and more square.  This appears to be the result of Restylane or Radiesse.”

“Her Botox is so overdone she’s lost her expression… the mouth area looks frozen.  The sheen to her skin is likely from laser treatments such as CO2 laser which would result in this artificial appearance.  Her cheeks look artificial and her former heart-shaped face is now bulky looking.”

Dr. Anthony Youn, a plastic surgeon who authored ‘In Stitches” concurred saying that her ‘excessively smooth forehead’ is due to too much Botox. He also said:  Her face looks extremely shiny which could be from laser treatments or chemical peels.”

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Dr. Youn claimed that it appeared that Cameron increased her bra size from a B to a C using silicone implants. Cameron has admitted that she had a nose job – but as is the Hollywood norm claimed that is was for medical purposes due to an injury during a surfing accident.

– Globe Print Edition

These celebs need to learn that very often less is more. What do you think? Do many celebs go crazy with cosmetic procedures and wind up looking ridiculous?

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6 responses to “Cameron Diaz Destroyed By Cosmetic Surgery Gone Wild (Photo)”

  1. Curiouscincylady says:

    Oh hell she always looked like much ado about nothing. Just the press kept hyping up how beautiful she was and ppl were supposed to believe it. Just like they keep saying Tori Spelling is beautiful and she looks like crap. Her father was very successful but had the looks of one of those elves from Harry Potter, unfortunately she got her looks from her father and not her mother.

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  3. Ufclvr says:

    her bf pic is clearly for a magazine & heavily photoshopped. Ur comparing apples to oranges. Haven’t u see the bf pics of VS models & after shots…. Come on, let alone u used very unflattering photos of her one the end. Why didn’t u use one at one of the big award events she just attended. GET A LIFE.

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  5. Donaldo Davisini says:

    Trying to improve on the Handiwork of G-d not a wise thing to do. One would think they’d learn from the mistakes so many others have made. And they call themselves “stars”.