Jef Holm Cheats On Emily Maynard This Time – Caught With College Student!

Jef Holm Cheats On Emily Maynard This Time – Caught With College Student!

Haven’t Emily Maynard and Jef Holm gotten the memo yet?  You know, the one that tells them that their created-by-TV showmance is an epic fail and that they both need to not just walk away, but run! They’re on. They’re off. She got caught cheating. He tried to bribe her to guarantee his silence. She’s obsessed with fame and could care less about finding love. He kept in touch with old loves. You get the picture, the list of accusations and speculations just keeps growing and in the end have they forgotten that there’s a seven-year old kid in this mess too?

Anyway, let’s get to the most recent crap. Emily and Jef were spotted out together enjoying dinner and some touchy-feely time earlier this week in Charlotte, North Carolina. Of course everyone went nuts thinking they were back together again. You don’t look that way if things are bad, but apparently they aren’t good enough for Jef.  He was seen canoodling with a 23-year old college student, Katianna Bear, after his date with Em.

So many possibilities here. Primarily Jef may have decided to give Em a taste of her own cheating medicine. The way I see it a guy who is willing to bribe someone is certainly capable of other forms of revenge. I wonder if Emily was under the impression that they are working things out or even reunited.   That much isn’t clear but the thing that is, would be the fact that this relationship will never work. The trust was obviously broken pretty much right off the bat and instead of just walking away or letting it go and attempting a real fresh start, the games continue. Pull the plug, cut the cord, just call it a day already kids!

Do you think Jef was cheating on Emily this week? Would he set her up with the intention of hurting her? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Photo Credit: FameFlynet