Jef Holm Wants A Polygamous Relationship With The Bachelorette Emily Maynard?

Jef Holm Wants A Polygamous Relationship With The Bachelorette Emily Maynard?

Sound the alarm Emily Myanard. It’s time to abandon ship. It seems our The Bachelorette’s fiancé, Jef Holm, is a two timing… make that three timing cheater.  Reports from Reality Steve provide first hand knowledge of Jef’s cheating ways. It seems that when he went on the Bachelorette to find a wife he was really only planning to promote People Water; but instead went on to get engaged to Emily while leaving behind a girlfriend at home.  But as we learn it wasn’t ‘a’ girlfriend but several!  Looks like good old Jef is into carrying on his family’s happy tradition of polygamy.

Kaylee Shepherd was in a relationship with Jef for over 8 weeks when he went on the show “for fun”.  Once he was on the show she started to find out more and more about the man she was with, including the fact that he was seeing one of his employees AND  another woman living in the same area.

I for one would be humiliated to find my boyfriend falling in love and getting engaged on national television, but apparently Ms. Kaylee was confident in her relationship and never suspected that Jef could do that to her.  Clearly her eyes were finally opened when he returned from the show without so much as a hello to Kaylee.

As of today Jef is engaged to Emily and will be helping her raise her child.  Happily ever after if you ask me.  Well Kaylee, I say you put Jef on blast…immediately!  You cannot just sit back while all of America buys into this b.s. fairytale.  Prince Charming is turning into the Evil witch and possibly the Evil Step-father.

Hollywood is all about viewers and sensationalism, but to do so at the expense of another person??  Come on now.  Kaylee, I’m sorry, but I can’t find you innocent.  You knew your man was going on a dating show, in fact a marriage show!  Don’t lie to yourself and assume he was going to come back like nothing ever happened.  At the same time you should see the silver lining.  Wasn’t his absence what helped you to find out he had multiple girlfriends?  Not something you need.

Image Credit: ABC