Jenelle Evans And Kieffer Delp Are Back Together

Jenelle Evans And Kieffer Delp Are Back Together

Could it possibly be true – could Jenelle Evans and Kieffer Delp be back together?  Looks like it!  Earlier today, Gary Head, ex-boyfriend of Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle, tweeted, “Back to old ways like I’ve always said,” along side this picture of her troubled ex-boyfriend, Kieffer Delp, in what Gary says is her bedroom:  In fact, not only are they hanging out again, but according to Gary, they’re back together!

Jenelle Evans And Kieffer Delp Are Back Together

Their unexpected rekindled romance seems to have resulted in a couple broken hearts for their exes.  Apparently, Kieffer, who has been residing in New Jersey since he got out of jail on March 4, told his ex-girlfriend, Dani, that he would be going back to North Carolina on April 15th.    How did he get there with no money, you may ask? According to Gary, Jenelle paid for his bus ticket!


Meanwhile, earlier today, Dani tweeted, “I knew theyd get bak together thats y I started ignoring him. I defend him n he runs rite bak to Jenelle.”

She also posted a series of tweets expressing her disgust for the whole situation, including claims that Jenelle was always ashamed of being with Kieffer, and apparently, Kieffer “used to get so upset about it.”

Dani also took the time to console Jenelle’s grieving ex-fiancée. “Sorry Gary but u deserve better. Those two r nuts n deserve eachother,” she tweeted.  Oh yes, you read right. FIANCEE. That’s right, Gary proposed!


Here’s the ring that Gary posted and stated, “Glad I can get my money back for this!!!!”


How did Gary find out about Jenelle seeing Kieffer again, you ask? He claims Kieffer sent him the picture of him (above) in Jenelle’s room!


He also says that Kieffer sent him a text message claiming to have had sex with Jenelle yesterday.


 According to Gary, once confronted, “Jenelle told me face to face at her moms that she paid for his bus ticket an picked him up.” Ouch.  A hurt Gary also tweeted, “I HATE HER! If she cared like she said she did then dumbass wouldn’t be with her right now.”  Gary plans on returning the ring.


So what do you think folks?  Can Jenelle sink any lower than she already has?  Did these people put the trash in trailer trash?  Let us know in the comments below.

3 responses to “Jenelle Evans And Kieffer Delp Are Back Together”

  1. Kcollier says:

    I hate her so much. I wish MTV would pull her off the air because all she is is trash. And her fans are just as bad for thinking someone like her can change.

  2. kaitlyn says:

    she makes NC look horrible.. I PROMISE WE ARE NOT ALL LIKE THAT.

  3. Elaine Manos says:

    she is without a doubt white trailer trash in every sense of the word & oh so troubled! The smartest thing any one has done is having Jenelle’s mom gain custody of that sweet little sickens me that she is totally obsessed with not only Keifer, buy boy crazy in general! this girl is in serious need of professional therapy & when she is around her darling boy, she doesn’t even pay attention to him…yet she screams at her mother constantly that she never gets to spend time with him, her mother is def doing the right thing by keeping that angel away from Jenelle’s poisonous mind! She actually cried & had a baby tantrum cuz in rehab she was flippin furious that she couldn’t smoke pot every single day? a total addict & her acting out constantly smacks of complete dysfunction! Jerry Springer is calling!!!