Jenelle Evans Posts Nude Bathtub Photos – What A Great Teen Mom!

Jenelle Evans Posts Nude Bathtub Photos – What A Great Teen Mom!

Jenelle Evans has invited controversy back into her life. The Teen Mom 2 star and newly wed posted semi-nude pictures of herself on Twitter on December 16. The pictures that have fans gasping show Jenelle in a bathtub full of bubbles. Her private parts are covered but the pictures are sexually suggestive. The pictures might be something she would do for her husband but are totally inappropriate to post on the internet for her young fans.

Jenelle has said she is done with drama in her life but she keeps courting it.  Her biggest problems lately are with her new husband. 20 year old Jenelle recently married Courtland Rogers after a whirlwind courtship. A friend of Jenelle told Radar Online that Courtland is a bad influence on her. He has his own drug and legal problems. Courtland is not a responsible guy any way you slice it. He isn’t even taking care of his own child. Courtland’s baby mama has tweeted that she needs clothes and shoes for her baby. Courtland totaled Jenelle’s car earlier in the month and then claimed it wasn’t totaled. We will have to see if his antics will have an effect on Jenelle getting back custody of her son, Jace. You know what they say…birds of a feather flock together.

As if her domestic problems didn’t put enough on her plate, Jenelle is fighting on Twitter with Nikkole Paulun from the show 16 and Pregnant.  She was sticking up for her friend Leah Messer Calvert. Nikkole was alleging Leah refused to eat during her pregnancy. The truth was that Leah was not eating until her daughter Ali could eat after surgery.

Jenelle is dealing with medical problems of her own. Earlier this fall Jenelle had surgery to deal with ovarian cysts. She is now dealing with very serious acid reflux and facing surgery on her esophagus.  Through it all Jenelle’s friend Danielle Cunningham has faith in her fellow teen mom. Danielle says “We both were at one point made out to be such horrible mothers. She may not be in the best situation right now but nobody is perfect, and everyone can change.” Danielle may be right. Jenelle is a young woman finding her way in the world after being forced to grow up at a young age. She has put drug use behind her and is even trying to give up cigarettes. Of course Jenelle still has a long way to go, but Jenelle being so young she has time on her side.

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    This irresponsible teen mom has fans? Seriously ? Fan is someone that he/ she admires , what there to admire? OH ! Shes a teen mom wh a kid and comes out on a tv show… Who btw thanks to ur kids n ur dumm ass being pregnant u have money n kids there going to think thats ok to have kids at young age…. Smh …