Jennifer Aniston Afraid To Lose Justin Theroux – Buys His Love With Lavish Gifts

Jennifer Aniston Afraid To Lose Justin Theroux –Buys His Love With Lavish Gifts

Jennifer Aniston is desperate to hold onto boyfriend Justin Theroux and she thinks that expensive gifts will do the trick.   The men who have been Jennifer’s boyfriends have a history of leaving her and she doesn’t want Justin to follow the pattern.  Some of the men who have dropped Jenn as if she were diseased are Brad Pitt, John Mayer, Vince Vaughn, Charlie Schlatter, Adam Duritz, and Tate Donovan.  What is wrong with the woman?

This fear of being abandoned explains why Jennifer has splashed out over $500,000 on gifts for Justin recently.  Despite her generosity Justin has made moves to reconcile with his last girlfriend, Heidi Bivens, causing a major fight with Jennifer.

Jennifer has an estimated wealth of $120 million and has splurged on several lavish presents for her actor boyfriend Justin since they started dating 11 months ago, including $12,000 on a leather jacket once owned by James Dean, a $450,000 Genn Ligon painting and two motorbikes, a $33,000 Ducati and a $24,000 Harley Davidson.

Additionally, Jennifer is also said to have spent $1 million on furniture and artwork for their new Los Angeles home and $750,000 for a feng shui expert to assist with their $10 million make over on the property, as well, she has funded the couple’s numerous holidays.

$750,000 on a feng shui expert?  Yes, you are right – Jennifer is an idiot!

A source said:  “Neither Jen nor Justin seem embarrassed that she is the main breadwinner.  She is in a comfortable position so why not spend money on the man she loves.”

Far from being embarrassed, Justin is enjoying the free ride.  In fact since the dude began dating the queen of romantic comedy his rates for movies have skyrocketed.   Yes being with Jennifer clearly has its benefits…

But can Justin stand it for long?  Nobody else could.

Will Justin and Jennifer marry?  Will he give her children?  Or will he hightail it away from her as soon as he has had his fill?  What do you think?  Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Allien

    This article is ridiculous. She can spend her money on anything she wants. Just like anybody else that is a multimillionaire. Take a look at Jennifer I dont think she has to buy any man. I’m sure Justin is in love with her. They seem to have a really solid relationship. She was voted by a man’s magazine as the Sexist woman of all time. 

  • Allien

    where is my comment???????

  • Essa

    What a horrible, disgusting article.  You’re going back to Adam and Tate?  Why not write about Renee Z or Cameron.  These are woman who megadate, only they didn’t have the hot guys Jennifer had.  Shame on you.

  • “Dr.” Overland, jealous much? Let the woman spend her money however way she sees fit.  Besides unless you are writing the checks or handing out the dough what do you care?? Don’t be so envious your article comes out more like just woman “bitchiness”.  If she wants to buy her man a gift I think its her business.  If her relationship does not last for whatever reason I am sure she will have a line of more than willing guys to take his place, she is after all a beautiful woman and most people say she is just your “girl next door”.  Besides last time I check she dumped Brad for being a cheater he just fell for trash, it happens to some idiots. I think she has been a lady in the way she has handled herself but I guess haters have to find something to write about. I agree with Essa, Shame on you!

  • Catty

    Really??  By your logic Brad is using Angie…why aren’t they married by now?????