Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theoroux Engaged: New Diamond Ring Says Yes (Photo)

Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theoroux Engaged: New Diamond Ring Says Yes (Photo)

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux arrived back in LA and Jen was sporting a diamond ring. The question we have to ask, did Justin Theroux propose?

Justin and Jen were in Paris and Rome for their romantic vacation where Jennifer wore a mini-dress and was still allowed into The Vatican. The photos of Jennifer Aniston looks surprisingly coy, like she knows something we don’t and we don’t mean who Carly Simon sang You’re So Vain to, but more along the lines of OMG-I-am-engaged!

We all seem to forget that this isn’t the first time Jennifer Aniston pulled the ring posing. She did it before, with Vince Vaughn, many eons ago, when she wanted us to assume that he proposed. It wasn’t true and Vince Vaughn is stupid.

We have a very, very strong suspicion that Justin Theroux did not “really” propose to Jen-Jen. He was with Heidi Bivens for a full fourteen years and he never, ever proposed to her. We smell commitment issues and it smells like Jennifer Aniston is heading for the Hollywood Hills. Jen-Jen has never really had any luck with her romantic life, after the miserable break up between her and Brad and the slew of men that followed (remember John Mayer?).

If Justin proposed, we can euthanize all those inconsistent rumors of the relationship reaching a rocky road. If he didn’t, we think Jen-Jen is more cray-cray than we thought. Why toy with us like that Jen? What is wrong with you? Why show us a diamond ring on your finger and allow us to assume that you’re engaged? That’s just silly!

What do you think readers? Did Justin propose to Jennifer? Is this more farty than arty? Let us know in the comments below.

Credit: BJJ/FameFlynet Pictures

5 responses to “Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theoroux Engaged: New Diamond Ring Says Yes (Photo)”

  1. honeybunn says:

    Yes I think he proposed,So what. now stop printing so many lies.Just because he didnot propose to heidi Bivens means nothing because these are two different people we are talking about.If a man don’t marry you in 14 years it was not meant to be. .

    • Sigh says:

      That is such a LIE!  *Just* because Theroux didn’t marry Heidi, doesn’t mean anything.  Marriage is so last century, maybe Theroux doesn’t believe in marriage?  Besides he is an adulterer and cheater like Aniston and you don’t marry your mistress.  Aniston and Theroux are dirtbags who deserve each other and I can’t wait for karma to hit Aniston and for her brainwashed fans to see the manipulative homewrecker Aniston for what she truly is.

  2. honeybunn says:

    Yes he did proposed

  3. Gunny King says:

    I don’t think so.  

  4. Sigh says:

    Definitely not.  He is a cheater and he had a good girlfriend, a stable partner that he cheated on Aniston with.  He is not going to be trapped with Aniston.