Justin Theroux Calls Off His Wedding To Jennifer Aniston!

Justin Theroux Calls Off His Wedding To Jennifer Aniston!

It seems Justin Theroux is sick to death of his girlfriend Jennifer Aniston’s obsession with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and has called off their wedding indefinitely!  Jen is said to have collapsed into tears when she heard the news of Brad and Angelina’s engagement and that didn’t make Justin very happy.

“This was going to be Jen’s BIG year for love and happiness. She and Justin were knee-deep in wedding preparations when Jen got the shattering news that Brad and Angie were announcing their en­gagement and making plans to wed this year.” says a source.

People focus so much on the Jen/Brad/Angie triangle that they all but forget that Justin is in the mix and finally, he has had enough.  Justin completely blew his top at Jen.

At that point, Justin said it would be best if they indefinitely postponed their wedding plans,” continued the insider. “He doesn’t want to be drawn any deeper into the twisted soap op­era of Jen, Brad and Angie.”

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Meanwhile Jen, rather than paying attention to her own relationship, still seems to be focusing on her exes’.

“She wholeheartedly believes that Angie engineered the timing of the engage­ment announcement to Brad to get in another dig. Jen is more furious than heartbroken.  She feels like she’s been stabbed in the back all over again, after enduring the pain of having Angie steal her husband seven years ago.  NOW, Jen wants revenge!”

It’s about time Justin reacted to the fact that his fiancé just can’t seem to step over her past once and for all, in order to be happy with him.  Do you think he was justified to put the brakes on things?  Will Justin and Jen ever make it down the aisle?  Tell us what you think in the comments below!

25 responses to “Justin Theroux Calls Off His Wedding To Jennifer Aniston!”

  1. Surfing says:

    I can’t even read this with a straight face. How on earth did anyone come up with this fantasy? Geez I don’t even like Maniston and I can’t believe the bad chop job on this article.

  2. Sunday7 says:


  3. move on says:

    This article is pathetic! 

  4. please says:

    Lmao this article is ridiculous. I’m not a fan of neither Jenn or Angelina but Jenn handled the entire situation in a very classy manner and I highly doubt that she would be that upset over a marriage when Ang and Brad already have kids together. I am pretty sure she’s over it. I will agree though that Angelina seems to time announcements to hurt Jenn. She did it with her pregnancy, I won a bet on that one.

  5. ridiculous says:


  6. Chachitta says:

    Never heard of Jen and Jus engagement! If Jen and that once un popular creature Jus are seriously in love nothing can stop them going on with their plans.  This reminds me of how Jen collapsed when she heard of Shilo Jolie-Pitt birth in Namibia which led to Vince Vaughan exit.

    The problem here is Jen’ whinning over Brad. She has to accept that Brad never loved her and concentrate on the future-period!

    OR abandon same sex relationship and go for the opposite!

    • Gappygirl says:

      I actually think the “problem” may be your belief of this story and all the other ones related to those three.

  7. MIDGETPORN says:


  8. Dana M says:

    Is it even confirmed that they are/were engaged?  

  9. lilmssunshine_6791 says:

    Wow Justin and Jen were engaged??? Since when.

  10. Hectogena says:

    You belong at the bottom of trash cans för reporting this on your blog,i mean seriously,are u that stupid or do u think we readers are that dumb?

  11. Guest says:

    How about the fact that Chinnifer Maniston never shut up about her divorce. Don’t blame Angie and Brad.  Chinnifer is an all-around loser. She creates such negative,loser-ish energy that she creates her own hell.

  12. ValerieHolmnyc says:

    No, I don’t think they will ever marry…and not becsause of the reported triangle but because Justin never married his live in of 14 years and now he’s back in steady contact with her.  He’s apparently having second doubts maybe felt more comfortable just playing house.

  13. Tori says:

    I don’t believe this garbage,Jen isn’t still pining over loser Pitt – move the heck on already!

  14. Gijoe says:

    I AGREE Pathetic! Jennifer stands alone seperate Pitt/Jolie circus. She has nothing to get revenge over because they really are nothing! I personally could care less what the adultress wears or her cheating huisband but I am all hoping Jennifer has a great wedding. I can imagine it hurts. It is kinda ODD how after all this time being an unwed couple and PROUD of it you decide to get engaged—It would seem like Jolie to twist the knife in Jens back but Jen should focus on her new awesome life and realize just because you aren’t some adultress stick chick on the cover of every magazine doesnt mean you are any less the star you are! Go live  your life! Be happy!

    • ShawnCurtisLacey says:

      I have far more respect or Angelina than a mother hater! Brad left her because of the way she treated her mother. Even if he did not have Angelina, he does not want her. She Is a tramp not a lady; Angelina is outgoing and in your face. At least Angelina’s stardom did not cause her to turn on her own mother. Since friends, this pompous nobody started disrespecting her mom. Let’s see if she ever gets married

  15. raven says:

    for the last TIME quit saying Angelina “stole” Brad from Jennifer!!  if he was happy, he would not have looked elsewhere.  AND Jennifer cheated with Justin on Justin’s girlfriend so isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black?  

  16. Sweetadele01 says:

    IF it is true that she broke down due to Brad and Angelina’s pending nuptials, Then all I can say is that if she ever expects to be happy with ANYONE, she needs to get over them and concentrate on her own relationship. 

  17. Joyceann01 says:

    Yeah, everyone knows how “stable” mangelina is lmfao!! All Angelina is, is a drug addicted nasty fucktard.Don’t be upset though, she knows that’s all she is lmao!!

  18. sherripie says:

    I do not feel that Justin and Jennifer have a strong enough relationship to get married. Jen is in a hurry for a baby, but yet cries over Brad, then the ring was not big enough and a bigger one appears. I don’t blame Justin. If Jennifer does not stop and think of Justin, then I do not blame him. They are not that in love and Jen is grabbing for straws. Let him go and find someone else AFTER you are completely over Brad and the same for him. Leave Jen alone and quit calling and talking about her. Justin is not marriage material, go get someone else before he hurts you really bad this time.

  19. sherripie says:

    P.S. If you can’t find a husband in time, go make your own baby and live happy. You are spinning your wheels and the clock is ticking too fast. You can have a baby and be happy without a husband.

  20. carolhoousendov says:

    Keep dreaming Jen is a plain jane .

  21. ShawnCurtisLacey says:

    Good for you; she is walking under a black cloud until she makes things right with her mother. Fame and riches change most people!