Jennifer Aniston Dumped By Courteney Cox In Favor Of Her New Best Friend Demi Moore

Jennifer Aniston Dumped By Courteney Cox In Favor Of Her New Best Friend Demi Moore

Courteney Cox has practically ended her friendship and is giving the cold shoulder to Jennifer Aniston as she gets closer to her new BFF Demi Moore.  Jen is so consumed with boyfriend Justin Theroux right now that Courteney is totally ‘fed up with her right now’ according to a source.  Jen is so obsessed with Justin that she is ignoring her friends and treating them as if they didn’t matter.  As a consequence Courteney has been driven closer to Demi who is so needy right now after her tragic breakdown and hospitalization.

Demi is allowing Courteney to provide the love and belonging she so badly craves after her deadly brush with anorexia and substance abuse forced her into rehab.   Courteney is a very giving person and Demi is very needy – a perfect symbiosis!  Courteney used to play that role in Jen’s life but now Jen has shut her ex-bestie out in her desperate attempt to buy win Justin’s love.

The Star’s April 9th print edition spoke to sources:

“Courteney stood by Jen when she went through guy troubles.  Now that Courteney needs someone to lean on, Jen’s nowhere to be found!”

But now the Cougar Town star has found a confidante in Demi.  The actresses are so attached that they even spend nights together at Courteney’s house.  And she’s working hard to support her troubled new BFF.

“Courteney persuaded Demi to go a self-help class with her,” says the source.

“With Courteney’s help, Demi is starting to move on.”

Courteney is enjoying Demi’s friendship as “it fills a hole left by Jen’s absence,” the source explains. 

The future looks bright for both Courteney and Demi – “they are having lots of fun together.  They’re both starting to turn a corner.”

Jennifer is putting all her eggs in one basket, so to speak – and it is a basket case named Justin.  If things don’t work out as she plans with Justin then she will be left as the ‘odd man out’ so to speak, as Demi and Courteney move on without her.