Jennifer Aniston Fights with Justin Theroux Over Heidi Bivens AGAIN!

Jennifer Aniston Fights with Justin Theroux Over Heidi Bivens AGAIN!

Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston‘s marriage has been the most talked about event since the moon landing (at least the moon landing was real), but this event won’t be “one step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” In actual fact, this event will set mankind back a bit, because anyone who dates Jennifer Aniston is eaten by a black hole and their careers are torn apart at the limbs. She has dated more men than Kris Jenner and Gene Simmons combined, but finally found a serious and loving partner in the chiseled face Theroux. According to Now Magazine, Jennifer is still being a demanding bitch.

A new report reveals that Theroux is in the dog box with Aniston. He allegedly invited his ex Heidi Bivens to their wedding and Aniston burst her own bladder on the $1 million carpet when this little tidbit was revealed to her.  According to a source, “He must’ve had a ‘brain fade’ moment. Jennifer hit the roof when she saw that he’d put Heidi on the guest list. Justin argued that Heidi’s been part of his family for many years. Jen snapped back saying she was going to invite her exes Brad Pitt, John Mayer, and Vince Vaughn.” Remember Theroux, hell hath no fury on an Aniston scorned.

Aniston is creepy. Why does she always have to be a bitch about everything? Can’t she be a normal famewhore like Katie Holmes and build a cardboard tunnel? Why does she always have to make a mountain out of a molehill? The poor Theroux must be so terrified of her that he hides in the oven when she comes home from her She-Devil rampage during the day. She most probably storms into the house, throws down her keys, and screams, “Come play with mama bitch!

Do you think Aniston is cray-cray? Do you think Theroux’s head should be bitten off due to a moment of emotional blindness? Should they get married? Let us know in the comments below how much you despise us for calling Aniston a She-Devil!

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6 responses to “Jennifer Aniston Fights with Justin Theroux Over Heidi Bivens AGAIN!”

  1. jhunted7667 says:

    it just goes to show his sensitivities aren’t there , he should have written Heidi off all together , Anston is no different from any other woman , she wants to feel secure , that she is the only one,,, ESPECIALLY on such a day , just goes to show how little he reguards her feelings , if he really knew her needs he would not have invited her ,

  2. jhunted7667 says:

    i got kicked off before had a chance to finish what I was saying , I don’t think that they should get married, Women as a rule mature faster then men , lets face it she needs someone who will understand her needs , someone tuned into her mental frequency , he;s not mature enough for her,needs are varied and specific , she’s a Alpha female who want’s to be a Beta female , but for her to want to turn back into a Beta female she has to be satisfied that she can 1, respect he man she is with , 2, truth him to the point where her heart beat’s peacefully within her till she wants it to beat with passion ,3 fill her emotional and spritual needs ,

  3. Ter says:

    I believe Aniston is a Cray-Cray vindictive hag. She should remember she broke up Heidi’s 14 year relationship with Justin. Justin always love Heidi.

  4. JF-NY says:

    Most men don’t think. I believe they are a good couple, but a man must realize – especially when they are getting married – that it’s a special occasion for the women and and Ex at her wedding is not the best thing. I wouldn’t want it, so I understand. Justin wouldn’t like her Ex’s there. Let the past go and start a future.

  5. fatal says:

    where’s the engagement ring? I don’t think he actually got one-she is having it made herself-and to upstage angies-if Justin was “so in love” he would not have to be black mailed into a proposal-he would have had the ring ready and waiting-he would never dream of inviting the woman Anustain screwed over to get at him to their BS wedding-it’s been obvious for years that Anustain is Cray-Cray wine swilling ambien popping no talent hagriding a pity party off Brad and Angie’s coattails and literally throwing herself at every co-star she has had -none were stupid enough to bite-but Justin had alot to benefit from if he just played along for a couple of years-seriously the big question now is -does Justin go back to Heidi before or after the wedding

  6. jhunted7667 says:

    one of the comment;s was (most men don’t think, ) if this is the case then most men should not get married, She should dump him , call it a day, step back and re-access her life , she seeks happiness in complicated ways , she should retire , uncomplicate her life and hunker down for the Economic collapse comming