Jennifer Aniston Is Not Happy With The Engagement Of Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie

Jennifer Aniston Is Not Happy With The Engagement Of Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie

Jennifer Aniston is not happy about the formal announcement of Angelina Jolie’s engagement to be married to Brad Pitt.  How can Jen be happy about her arch-rival – her nemesis – Angelina – getting engaged to the man she stole from her?  Come on, give me a break – Jennifer is downright miserable over the news!  Jennifer had Brad stolen right out from her marital bed by Angelina while the now engaged couple were filming Mr. & Mrs. Smith in 2005.

Since being crushed by the loss of Brad, Jennifer has had a series of failed relationships while Brad and Angelina grow more in love with each passing year.  To make matters worse, Jen’s current flame, Justin Theroux shows no sign of caving in and proposing.  In fact Justin is still in close contact with his ex-girlfriend, Heidi Bivens and this is driving Jen absolutely mad.  Angelina just received a lovely engagement ring from Brad but Jen gets nothing but grief from Justin!

Jennifer just splashed out millions of dollars on a mansion where she hopes to take up residence with Justin.  But the latest dirt is that Justin is feeling crowded by Jen and wants ‘his space’ – so Jennifer is being forced to divide her new home into ‘his’ and ‘hers’ sections –hardly a dream come true for poor Jen.  Jennifer realizes that if she wants to hang on to Justin she needs to give him room to breathe.

Dare we also mention that Brad and Angelina share 6 children including 3 that Angelina gave birth to – just for Brad.  Jennifer has… well… Jennifer.  To think that Jennifer is pleased with the success, happiness, and new engagement enjoyed by Angelina and Brad is absurd.

Our good friends at Hollywood Life heard from sources that Jen is ‘so happy’ about Brad and Angelina’s engagement.  Could it be that these sources might be confused?

Hollywood  Life reports: No hurt feelings in this engagement! Jennifer Aniston couldn’t be happier for Brad and Angelina, sources tell exclusively.

It sounds like there will finally be a happy ending to what seemed like a neverending Jen, Brad and Angelina love triangle!

Jennifer Aniston, 43, is so happy for her ex-husband’s engagement, a source tells exclusively.

“Jennifer is happy for Brad and Angelina. She is so in love with Justin, that she is really grateful how things turned out,” a source tells us. “In a strange way if it weren’t for Angelina, Jennifer would not have connected with Justin in a romantic way. Jennifer is in a really wonderful place right now. I wouldn’t be surprised if she even went to their wedding.”

Do you believe for even a second that Jennifer is happy for Angelina?  Is it even possible to feel joy at the news that the woman who stole your husband is now engaged to marry him?  What do you think?  Is Jennifer just so much better than the rest of us?  Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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  • Tammy

    You say Jen is not happy for Brad and Angelina but then there is a quote saying Jen is happy for them. So confused and wondering why you assume Jen isn’t happy for them.

  • Guest

    What is with this site and this author? I get it, you don’t like Jen and you’re a Brangelina fan. Great. However, you can’t possibly actually believe all the negative TABLOID stories you read about Jen or Jen and Justin (yet somehow not believe all the positive ones, and also not believe any of the negative ones about Brangelina)? Everything you wrote in this article about Jen comes from a tabloid. None of it is likely true. And why are you taking the word of some tabloid about The Wall Street Journal (who reported Jen and Justin bought their new home together), or Jen and Justin themselves who have said how happy they are together (and continuously look that way in pics)? Just stop with the Jen hate. You can still love Brangelina and be happy for them, there’s just no reason to diss Jen. And there’s especially no reason to diss her based on tabloid lies. 

  • Thesceneinsider

    This article and the writer are pathetic. So a single woman is less valuable than a woman with children and a fiance? You are a sad sad human being. Brad and Angelina = Yawn. They are totally over and you are really reaching. I thought this article was a joke at first and was laughing. Wow.

  • Lin

    How stupid can a gossip writer get?!  Do you really think Aniston even CARES, and even if she does it is NONE of her business!  She is supposed to be so crazy about Justin.  If he is pulling back, maybe it is because of her purpoted obsession with Pitt.  Angelina did NOT “steal” Pitt from Aniston.  You can’t “steal” a person if they are happy in a relationship and he was NOT happy with Aniston.  He wanted a family.  Aniston did NOT, no matter what she says now.  He fully expected to start a family when Friends ended and said that in at least two appearances on tv just before that show ended.  What did Aniston do?  Selfish Aniston decided she wanted a career instead of stretch marks.

    • isis

      iam sooo happy that someone finally brought out the way jen had brad in tears over wanting to be a father, that chick straight played him and not only renewed friends but sought after movie roles.  if she would have taken a break from the stage and gave birth, maybe she would have seasoned her soul and not made such sucky movies… and let us not forget how she so called stole justin from a seasoned 14 year relationship with a chick i think he wants back.

  • blake

    jennifer aniston sucks big time shes hot thats all but she can act and i think brad wud be more happier with angie then jenny 

  • Fatima_akbar84

    poor jen

    • Jollie12

      why would’nt she be happy for them?  Angie now has the job of keeping roaming pants under control remember he was caught on film flirting with a woman on set.  why do you think she never let him out of her site.  An you think Jen want that life back.  Angie deserves what she get.  Brad said they would marry and Angie said he was misquoted now they are engaged  hummmmm wonder what they selling now. Could it be the jewelry line there working on with this designer.

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  • beam

    she doesn’t care about cheater person.they are cheater couple

  • bean

    Who cares? He is an ex to her. Why should she care? An ex is an ex for a reason. It’s over!

  • Hibiscusph

    Jen…you are a has been, enough already. You are a neurotic nerve ball, with self induced failures.  Let it be, life goes on…leave the planet.

  • Superdouche

    Why is America so eager to paint Jennifer Aniston a rejected old maid who will never get over Brad Pitt?  It’s been 7 years!  We’re sick of hearing about it.  Quit being lazy and recycling old headlines.  There are other celebrities out there who deserve to be ridiculed too, you know.  




  • GuestToo

    This makes perfect sense to me as opposed to what I usually hear or read about Jennifer Aniston. Why would she be happy about it? She is self-absorbed and everything is about her. That explains why everything she touches does not work out for her now. JA just can’t connect with the (ex) husband, the fans or the audience. So, who cares how she feels about the engagement? That’s water under the bridge. She has now stolen someone else’s longtime boyfriend and its now working out with the cheater just like everything else. no amount of pr is going to turn a turnip into a tulip.

  • Unbelievable

    This is the stupidest article i’ve ever read.  I knew it was going to be bad, but really, hang it up.  You should be trying to color in the line, not write “articles…”

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  • Rongrant

    Pitt is no prize these days.  Greasy, unwashed, uncut hair.  Haggard looks.  Time, Angelina & the kids have not been kind to him.  

  • Never was a fan of Aniston. The only impression any of her movies leave me with is her whimpering lip and her inability to say anything vaguely coherent. Ange Jolie is arguably overrated but really, anything is better than insufferable Aniston.