Jennifer Aniston Uses Chelsea Handler To Bash Angelina Jolie Again

Jennifer Aniston Uses Chelsea Handler To Bash Angelina Jolie Again

Chelsea Handler’s favorite sport is Angelina Jolie bashing and we think Jennifer Aniston has a major hand in it all.  Chelsea loves to put down Angelina and call her the worst sort of names – she even makes racist remarks about her ethnically diverse adopted children.  If Angelina was not the biggest star in Hollywood then we might even say that nasty old Chelsea was bullying her.   But there is a subtext here… and that is Jennifer’s close friendship with Chelsea.

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Jennifer and Chelsea are bosom buddies – vacationing together and with Chelsea attending and speaking at Jen’s major public events – but that must mean that the good pals probably share their sentiments towards Angelina.  After all, if Jen disapproved of what Chelsea was saying about Angelina then we doubt that Chelsea would persist in her slander.

But all we have been hearing lately is how ‘happy’ Jen is for Angelina and Brad Pitt’s engagement.  Right – that is total bullshit – if Jen were happy for Brangelina then Chelsea would shut up at last instead of acting like Jen’s Angelina Assassin.

In Chelsea’s post-Brangelina engagement interview she slaps Angelina yet again, saying that she is an untrustworthy person with whom she would never be friends… of course she is friends with Jen!

New York Post Page Six reports:   Jennifer Aniston’s loyal close pal Chelsea Handler has blasted Angelina Jolie as “the opposite of a girl’s girl,” saying: “You just know as a woman, when you see another woman, if that’s a woman you can trust.”

Handler, when asked to describe the opposite of a girl’s girl, says in a story in More’s May issue: “Probably Angelina Jolie . . . She [Jolie] doesn’t strike me as someone I would have a close friendship with.”

The “Chelsea Lately” host counts Aniston as one of her closest friends. But while sources say Aniston is happy for her newly engaged ex, Brad Pitt, and Jolie, Handler has refused to apologize for calling Jolie a “home wrecker.”

What you think of Angelina has nothing to do with our point here – which is that Jennifer is again shown to be a big liar and total hypocrite, courtesy of the bad-mouthing done by Chelsea.  Come on Jennifer – stick to the truth – say you hate Angelina… we know you do.  Let us know if you agree or not.  Sound off in the comments below.

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18 responses to “Jennifer Aniston Uses Chelsea Handler To Bash Angelina Jolie Again”

  1. Katu says:

    i just laughed my bum off… yeah jen called chels and told her pls bash angelina 0_o. come on, people just want jen to hate angelina but in reality, jen does not even care about her that much. jen has said that with her own mouth that there is no feud there. chelsea is a comedian and if she doesnt like you, she will continue to make fun of you. yes she is friends with jen  and she probably hates angelina even more for what she did to her friend (what friend wouldn’t?) but chelsea said that she has been making fun of angelina since she made out with her brother on national TV.

  2. Happy says:

    Handler is JA’s pit bull, the attacker. She wouldn’t comment without Aniston’s approval, they are BFF’s now. I suppose they believe they are damaging Angie’s reputation, and the reality is they are damaging their own.

  3. for real says:

    Thanks this is the approprate head line for a change. Those bitter bittch will never be moved on.
    If Brad and Angie didn’t have the dumbest PR in hollywood they would  hire a guy/ girl a comedian and who would talk about Maiston everything from her victmhood, to her cheating, to her hiring men  to her I don’t know why this is happing to me stories after she is doing this kind of things to remaina attache to them. Then after that the  guy/girl  would say say I am jsut a comedian I don’t have no assocition with Jp just like C. handjob does it.If I were them I wouldn’t deal with this shiittt 7 months let alone 7 years. It is there fault their stratige that makes them to be used by maniston and co.

  4. Help says:

    Tell me who your are if you tell me who your friends are.
    They are using brad and angie

  5. jenny65 says:

    Ok, so your whole column is based on a story about someone supposedly “lying” about being “happy” that the adulterous woman who had an affair with her husband is now engaged to him?  Hmmmmmm……

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  7. Margaretstano says:

    Jen,Angie didnt have to do much, if anything toget Brad,HE was so unfulfilled by YOU in your NO SUBSTANCE MARRAGE!!!!!!!!!  That when He met a woman WITH SUBSTANCE,YOU MADE IT EASY FOR HIM.And LOOK what happened, another man you were with left you married, someone else& Has a family They ARE SUBSTANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When Justin leaves you, He will have a family, With a woman of SUBSTANCE?????????

  8. suzanne says:

    Chelsea is a loyal friend of Jen’s. Angelina admits she doesnt have any. Its probably because she a crazy underhanded druggie who happens to be rich.

    • Jen says:

      Chelsea Handler kissing ass Jenifer Aniston so hard.And Jen know it. So she uses her to revenged Jolie. Both are jealous whores

  9. Kellymargaret18 says:

    This only makes Chelsea look worse that she already is.  Eat  your heart out pig, Angelina and Brad are a beautiful couple. As for Angie being a mediocre actress…have you seen The Changeling!  As for mediocre, watch any of Jen’s movies…she still plays the same type as “friends”

  10. margaret kelley says:

    You don’t get any lower than someone who makes fun of children, like Chelsea does Angie snad Brad’s. 

  11. Easton says:

    Angelina is a game playing egomaniac with no moral turpitude along with her partner.  Not a fan of Jennifer Aniston, never have been–just not liking the behavoir of mate stealing…even many lower level creatures don’t do this; geese, fish species etc. However dogs, feral face eating chimps, insects, and rats to name a few, will.

  12. Gunny King says:

     Jolie Pitt haters are making a big assumption that “sex” happened between Brad and Angie before the marriage ended.  Even Jennifer doesn’t believe that happened.  This society has become so obsessed with sex that people can’t think of another possibility.  Individuals can actually fall in love without having sex.  If anything, maybe Brad and Jen should have identified the problems in their marriage earlier.

  13. mara says:

    unless you are a man, who would like a homewrecker woman like jolie ,french kissing with brother,bisexual and bizarre past ..a woman who mess with married man are hated by the others.

    • Ay says:

      Has anyone heard of Chelsea before she rant Angelina? of course not!! Chelsea is taking advantage of Angelina and Brad popularity for her own interest-be popular for the wrong reason. Please be reminded everyone, who is the worst man eater of the two? Angelina or Jennifer? Jennifer is far worst than Angelina and worst of it she is no different than a prostitute. Since Brad left her, she shagged almost every available actor, model and singer in hollywood, from Vince Vaughn, John Mayer, Paul Sculter(?) and so and so and Gerard now justin. Doesn’t it tell something? She is bloody no good. She tried to look innocent but she is far from it. At least Angelina admitted that she was wild in her younger years but she change for the better. Chelsea should be sued and be jailed for her racism comment about the kids. She is an absolute bully. I wonder what she look like if botox is not available and make up. She is full of shittttttttttttt.

  14. mara says:

    how many men jolie had including brother?

  15. tahoegeminii says:

    it seems poor Jen’s innocent facade is becoming transparent these days-Brad and Angie have taken the high road and ignored all of Anustains ridiculous rumor pandering for 8 years now -you know Brad had his reason’s but has kept silent-and to this day he can barely do an interview without Anustain going into a rage and launching yet another full slander assault-like the “boring” comment-he didn’t even mention her particularly-but she went ballistic on his arse for months after-it’s obvious to everyone jen your are a manipulative conniving boring liar