Jennifer Lopez Pregnant, Baby Bump Finally Showing! (Photos)

Jennifer Lopez Pregnant, Baby Bump Finally Showing! (Photos) 1130

Everyone’s pregnant this week! Baby dust all around! So now Kate Middleton doesn’t just have Kim Kardashian to moan to about swollen feet and midnight cravings because Jennifer Lopez’s pregnant as well. That’s one busted lamaze class if I ever saw one.

According to OK! magazine, Casper Smart will soon be Daddy Casper (and I’m sorry if you just threw up in your mouth a little bit). But apparently, Lopez’s flabby abs and lazy work ethic are starting to get her people talking.

“A big giveaway is her abs,” an insider told the magazine. “They’re usually rock-hard, but there’s an obvious bump there now. She’s scaled back on intense dance moves. Her people suspect something’s up.”

Biotch might be tired. Lay off!

Speaking of Christmas miracles, if the 43-year-old pop star makes this happen with Casper Smart then I no longer believe in Santa because he would NOT do this to us. I actually don’t believe she’s pregnant. She’s on tour and I’ve seen no evidence of bumps anywhere but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want it to happen. I have no idea why Daddy Casper is still in the picture but he definitely is so I still think they’re engaged. Jennifer Lopez really likes to be engaged, and by her track record, she doesn’t really care to who.

I just don’t understand women like Jennifer Lopez or Demi Moore. I get dating younger men. I just don’t get dating those kinds of younger men. What does Casper Smart have that so many other guys hanging around Jennifer Lopez’s world do not? She’s Jenny from the Block! She got Ben Affleck to lose all self respect and fondle her ass in a music video. She can do anything! So why Casper Smart? Does Jennifer just want a baby so bad she’ll settle for him? Or is all this baby talk nonsense anyway because there’s no bump? I’m not sure what grosses me out more – Jennifer Lopez pregnant or Jennifer Lopez wanting to get pregnant by Casper Smart.

Photo Credit: Uffe Kongsted/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES

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  2. Beatrice Harvey says:

    What grosses me out more is that she wants to have a baby with an immature, broke back up dancer that has nothing to offer her when there is a baby. I don’t know what she sees in this tattoed thug, he’s not even father material and husband material to handle a ready made family. I have to say this but I think Jennifer Lopez has to be one of the dumbest women I’ve known in the hollywood industry. Don’t she know if Casper become a father with her baby that he’ll be financilly set for life? Look at Kevin Federline and Britany Spears. My point exactly! I think that’s what he’s aiming for when he hooked up with Jennifer Lopez, fame and fortune! Everybody saw this from the beginning of the relationship not her, she was too blind too see it. He’s there for her money and fame, not LOVE! He doesn’t love her, never have! He’s looking out fCasper Smart not Jennifer Lopez, the Hell with her feelings.