Jennifer Lopez Wants Marc Anthony Back!

Jennifer Lopez Wants Marc Anthony Back! 0913

What? You mean Casper Smart isn’t the love of Jennifer Lopez’s life? Child please. Hopez was browsin’ the thrift store and now she’s done. She’s married a back up dancer before. Everyone knows how that ends. But is Jennifer learning from her mistakes? Has she realized that there aren’t that many men as famous as her that will treat her like gold?

Because that’s the issue here, isn’t it? I doubt it has too much to do with the fact that Casper leaches off of her and uses his fame for his own celebrity. At the end of the day, you need your equal – whether it be intellectually or otherwise. I find it hard to believe Casper is Jennifer’s equal in any way so the National Enquirer reports she’s ready to make it work again with quasi ex-husband Marc Anthony.

“Jennifer is having huge misgivings about di­vorcing Marc, especially since it could become final as early as mid-October,” a source told the magazine. “She’s realized that while Casper has been lots of fun to date, he’s way too young and definitely not marriage material. She still has feelings for Marc and knows he’s a great father, but she’s embarrassed to ask him if he’d take her back. She’s asked friends to reach out to him to see if there’s any chance he’d consider calling off the divorce.”

Hopez should be embarrassed! She’s been sucking face with that nasty dude for months now. Marc should get her tested before he even thinks of reconciling. I guess Jen is also worried because Marc’s been dating a 24-year-old model but I don’t see that as a problem, and the Jen I grew up with wouldn’t either. Didn’t he divorce a Miss Universe for her? Marc’s always been obsessed with Jennifer and I doubt that’s changed in the year they’ve been separated. And they have cute little kids together. All she has to do is snap her fingers. Marc might not run fast but he’ll run.

But I can’t help but think this is Jen’s MO. She always likes to go back when she’s done with a relationship. There were rumors she wanted Puffy and Ben Affleck back after those two relationships went south. Hopez can’t be alone. She’s frightened as all hell by the prospect and that’s why I have no problem believing this story. She knows Casper’s not the real deal. Perhaps I’m projecting but she better GOD DAMN know it! So she’s setting up her next relationship before this one is done. It’s what she does. If Marc doesn’t take her back she’ll keep Casper along a little longer until she can secure another dude and routinely fall in love with him. I wonder why she hasn’t put the moves on Enrique Iglesias yet. They’re currently touring together. Anna Kournikova must be around. I’m eastern European and even I wouldn’t want to mess with a blond Russian – nasty, nasty tempers!

So we’ll have to wait and see. Usually when Jennifer shakes up one portion of her life, she shakes it all up. We should have seen this coming with her American Idol exit. Should Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez get back together? How will Casper react? That will be the best part of this whole thing! Chris Judd he is not. I’m sensing some Ojani Noa in this one.

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures