Jermaine And Randy Jackson Scheme To Steal Michael Jackson’s Money

Jermaine And Randy Jackson Scheme To Steal Michael Jackson’s Money

Money makes the world go round’ and Randy and Jermaine Jackson are allegedly broke and angling for late brother, Michael Jackson’s estate.  It looks like they are trying to use Katherine Jackson’s health as a loophole to get their hands on the cash.  Randy, Jermaine, Janet Jackson, Tito Jackson and Rebbie Jackson all signed a letter asking the Executors to be removed because the stress of the situation has caused aging Katherine to have a stroke.  How convenient because then someone else (ahem, Randy and Jermaine maybe) would need to step in to, help. The Estate itself is thriving, so much so that in two years it has completely eliminated all of Michael’s previous debt.

Those connected with the Estate are now fighting back, telling TMZ they believe Randy and Jermaine are completely broke and know when Katherine dies there is no way they can get their hands on any of MJ’s fortune — that’s because all of the money goes to charity and in trust for Michael’s 3 kids.

TMZ’s sources think that Randy and Jermaine are trying to make it appear that Katherine is infirm and may need a conservatorship.  If so, it’s likely that Randy and Jermaine will aim to get themselves appointed as her conservators, which would give them access to more than $70,000 a month – plus whatever else they could finagle…

Do you think that Randy and Jermaine would resort to dirty tactics to save their own finances?   Would they dip into the estate and take from Michael’s kids in order to put food on their own tables?  Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

  • MyImmortal329

    Um, you put up a picture of American Idol’s Randy Jackson….not Michael Jackson’s brother Randy.

  • Da Queen Bee!

    I’m begging you to please do some research. You posted a picture of Randy Jackson from ‘American Idol’. That’s not Michael Jackson’s brother. Please, do your research.

  • Nida Wil

    Yes I believe they would they would use any kind of underhanded trick in the book to get their hands on their brother Michael Jackson’s money.