Jessica Sanchez VOTED out! Judges Save Her! (Video)

Jessica Sanchez VOTED out! Judges Save Her! (Video)

We knew tonight that America was going to send one of the Idol Jessica Sanchez favorites to the chopping block, did you see the show? If not, you can read the full recap HERE.

In a “shock and awe” moment, the three contestants who did very well last night; Elise Testone, Joshua Ledet and Jessica Sanchez were in the bottom three tonight and after the nationwide vote, Jessica Sanchez was up for elimination.

Jessica began singing her final song in hopes of convincing the judges to save her, but it didn’t last long. Jennifer Lopez, Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler all rushed to the stage to tell Jessica that they would be using their “one and only” save tonight. Jennifer shouts, “You’re not going home! This is ridiculous! We’re using the save!” Randy then says, “This girl is one of the best singers in America — are you kidding me?! Everyone, please vote for the best!”

When 16-year-old Jessica Sanchez said she has sang her whole life, she meant it. By age 11, the singer had already appeared on America’s Got Talent and now she has been saved on American Idol Season 11.

What do you think about the judges saving her? Do you think they should have used their “one and only” save, or should they have saved it for someone else? Take our poll, we want to now what you think, should they have saved her or not?



  • len

    I think Jessica is amazing.
    Americans are wrong

    • Rosie

      She’s good, but I think Joshua is better, his rendition of Bruno Mars’ up-tempo tune “Runaway Baby” was perfection.

    • cristy

      that’s why fans should use their votes wisely, use all the votes u can to keep the best. I’m glad she was saved. I wish she sing songs that are familiar too but still very good music rendition whenever she gets up to sing unfamiliar songs.

  • Nomad

    the judges were wrong to save her, she’s a karaoke singer at best and should go home.  The judges need to be removed they are corrupt.