Jessica Simpson Gets $800,000 Push Present For Baby Maxwell’s Photos

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson is getting some push present. Women’s Wear Daily reports that Jessica is selling her daughter Maxwell’s photos to People magazine for $800,000.  And, believe it or not, that’s kind of on the low end of the celebrity baby photo spectrum. According to reports, People offered Jennifer Lopez $6 million for pics of Max and Emme and Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt allegedly received $11 million for a first glimpse at Knox and Vivienne. But Jessica shouldn’t be too bummed about those examples – there were two babies involved in each of those deals.

Baby making is proving to be a lucrative affair for the Fashion Star host. It’s been rumored that the baby mama, who put on a whopping 80 pounds during her interminable pregnancy, signed up to be Weight Watchers’ newest spokeswoman. The contract has been estimated to be worth between $3-$4 million. Suddenly those buttered pop tarts and Kraft Mac n’ Cheese aren’t looking like they were such a bad idea after all.

Was it too much to hope Jessica would just pull a Beyonce and throw her kid’s pics up on Tumblr for all to see without asking for a dime? It’s certainly her right to capitalize on our fascination with celebrity and especially celebrity children but I can’t help but think she has enough money. Her fashion line alone has reportedly raked in one billion dollars in sales.

I’d imagine $800,000 would be beneath her at this point because she knew the numbers would get out and she knew they would be compared with other stars and their deals. Is this embarrassing and an indication of her current fame in Hollywood – she is a host on reality TV show now – far cry from her Nick Lachey Newlywed fame days. Or does Jessica Simpson not get embarrassed? Let’s remember she made a career off of mistaking tuna for chicken. Is money ever just money or is Jessica using Maxi’s pics to recapture something she might think she lost and no I’m not talking about her waistline.

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