Johnny Depp And Vanessa Paradis Have Finally Split Up And Are Finished As A Couple

Johnny Depp And Vanessa Paradis Have Finally Split Up And Are Finished As A Couple

Despite Johnny Depp’s red carpet protestations to the contrary, the facts are that his relationship with Vanessa Paradis is over.  The couple have split up and each has moved on with new lovers.

Johnny denied on Wednesday that he and his partner of 14 years and mother of his two children, Lily-Rose and Jack, had split. “The rumors are not true. They are absolutely not true,” Johnny, 48, said on the red carpet at the London premiere of Dark Shadows, according to U.K.’s Sun.

The facts simply belie Johnny’s red carpet denial that things are all over but the crying with Vanessa.  Johnny was spotted boarding his private plane in Las Vegas last month with his new lover, Amber Heard, 26.  Amber and Johnny co-starred in The Rum Diary and allegedly began their romance while still filming the movie.

But According to Life & Style Print Edition, May 21, Vanessa was not heartbroken by Johnny’s new relationship because she had already teamed up with her old pal, French singer Matthieu Chedid, 40.  Vanessa and Matt recorded a duet together last year and things went from music to much more.  “There are rumors in Paris that Vanessa’s dating Matthieu,” reveals a French fashion executive.  “They have worked on music together over the years. And now people here are saying they’re a couple.”

Let’s be serious now.  Vanessa and Johnny have not been seen together in months and she has not accompanied Johnny on a red carpet in over a year and a half.  Even more indicative of the dissolution of their relationship is the fact that Vanessa failed to attend her own son’s recent birthday party that Johnny hosted.

Paradis was quoted saying: “I believe in love, and I want to believe that it lasts forever. But I’m like everyone else, you have to take things a day at a time and you can never know what comes next. All you can do is hope and love and live.” Do those sound like the words of someone who is still with Johnny?

Let’s be serious for a moment.  Even if Johnny and Vanessa have an ‘open relationship’ in which they accept each other sleeping around, there is still no way to explain their failure to spend any time together.  Nor does Vanessa skipping her own son’s 10th birthday party fit in with Johnny’s denial that their relationship is kaput.

What do you think?  Do you expect to see Johnny and Vanessa grow old together?  Or has their relationship already grown way too old?  Let us know in the comments below.

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19 responses to “Johnny Depp And Vanessa Paradis Have Finally Split Up And Are Finished As A Couple”

  1. Mypiratecat1 says:

    I always laugh when I see this bullshit, as Amber Heard is a LESBIAN!!! LOL!  

  2. Mypiratecat1 says:

    By the way.. .Vanessa WAS at son Jack’s 10 birthday celebration, you idiots.

    • Gfiesta777 says:

      This would make sense since I read they played the Beatles song “I Saw Her Standing There” which is a perfect song for him and Vanessa.  Where did you see this news that she was there?

    • pussycat says:

       you’re absolutely right!…she was there…they also had a private day on his birthday without all the hoopla…

  3. Xdamien2005 says:

    This article is a lie. Utter bullshit. Should be sued

  4. CalGal says:

    Wow–you tabloid rags just can’t let this go. Depp was right–doesn’t matter what he says–you guys will print whatever you want. So in your view, men & women can’t have “friends” of the opposite sex unless they’re lovers? Guess I better let all my male friends know…..

  5. It is lovely and idealistic to believe that deep love lasts forever.  However, approximately 50 percent of marriages end in divorce, and another large percentage involves de facto deaths of the relationships.

    Should this happen?  Of course not.  Marriages should last forever, and be beautiful and God-given.  There should be nothing more compelling in life than a marriage that goes on infinitely, and is beautiful and real until the end of life.

    Johnny is far from perfect, but very talented.  The day that he loses Vanessa, which may have happened already, is the day that his life sinks once again into an abyss.  She and their kids have brought him stability; and without them, his successes will be meaningless.

    Hopefully he snaps to, and realizes what he may be in the process of losing, before it is too late.

  6. DLH says:

    This entire article is a bunch of BS!  Amber Heard AND her female partner of several years were BOTH boarding Johnny’s private jet in Las Vegas to fly back to Los Angeles.  Johnny and Amber had both attended CinemaCon 2012 to promote movies that are coming out this year.  Also boarding the jet along with them was Johnny’s security manager and other people.  Johnny frequently is gracious and generous enough to offer the use of his jet to people he is working with or has worked with.

  7. geoff kl says:

    how can depp be with heard, when he is so busy sucking burtons cock

  8. geoff kl says:

    how can depp be with heard, when he is so busy sucking burtons cock

  9. Fred Mejias says:

    Amber’s GF, Tasya Van Ree, have a “Special Bonding” for the past 9 years–they are solid partners.  However, Amber has professed that she IS Bi-sexual a few times; once in the U.S. and twice in Europe. By way of fact, a male friend of Amber gave her ‘Pistol’, her little Terrier. Sometimes people do and say things for their own reasons. Oh, incidentally, contrary to certain opinion, Amber is very shrewd–she, too, knows WHAT to say and WHEN to say things to certain people. Whether it be for promo or to stir up the “Gossip Tree”, some folks just have a lotta time on their hands and would be better off investing that time in more profitable ventures.

  10. Mary J says:

    It’s funny how the minute Vanessa restarts her singing and film career and stops running around after Johnny and his filming schedule, suddenly there are problems with the couple.  This indicates to me that as soon as the cat was away, the mouse DID play.  I wouldn’t be surprised that on hearing on it, Vanessa thought to herself ‘and that’s why I put up my career on hold, in order for him to go and PLAY as soon as I’m not stuck to him?’ and being older now and more sensible, she’s probably realised that the ILLUSION  that he was her true love was all in her head, that she was doing all of the hard work to keep their relationship together, etc.  I wouldn’t be surprised that her heart has grown cold towards him and she has started seeing other men, other men who are more mature than Johnny, who she has more in common with.  Let’s remember Johnny and Vanessa were only together 2 months when bang she became pregnant, and that wasn’t long after Johnny and Kate Moss had ended a 4 year relationship, one where you could clearly see how bessotted he had been with her.  Indeed, one wonders if Johnny and Kate were truly over or just on a ‘break’, for her to get over her addition to Charlie, when suddenly the REBOUND got pregnant.  I never believed in the Vanessa and Johnny relationship.  Without the babies, they would have broken long ago imo. 

  11. alandjoy says:

    Why don’t you, ( Dirty Laundry) admit you hate Vanessa Paradis and hate seeing her with Johnny Depp.Truth will set you free.

  12. Natalia36 says:

    LEAVE JD AND VP ALONE! They have not split and I believe in love and that they both are still together. SHUT UP stupid haters and rubbishy magazines and tabloids and leave them alone! :(

  13. pussycat says:

    Johnny is still with Vanessa…they are both still working which makes Johnny’s schedule hectic…when he’s off the clock he’s at home with V. & kids & friends…Vanessa was at the birthday celebration…Amber is bisexual but is in a long term relationship with a woman…Johnny flew to his island often during the shooting of The Rum Diary…this speculation is insulting and invasive…RAG SHEET reporting makes me sick…peace out Johnny D….;-)

  14. cool breeze says:

    I hope Johnny and Vanessa are not reading these things….they know better. Maybe they had a rift but like two people with kids to think of and a long relationship they are most probably keeping it together, it’s just that work sometimes has them going off in different directions at times. I don’t beleive the urge to merge is so caveman related wtihin them, they can’t wait a month or six weeks to roll in the hay again. I don’t think they have such a thin attachment that they can’t feel confident in each other if they don’t talk on the phone for three days. Work out the logistics, the energy it takes doing their jobs, then all the bs they know people, some in their face, are thinking about them. Would you feel to go to bed with some of those persons just like ….you? I think when they remember each other and come together it is with a sense of relief and peace to be home in each others arms again, away from all the perverts out there.

  15. holdme says:

    Mary J, this is so true…I know from a friend that’s in a gypsy band (the band from the film ,,The man who cried”), and he and Johnny are good friends for years, the true about his relation with vanessa. He was in bad times because the split with kate and he met her in a hotel, they had an affair, and after she got pregnant. That friend told me this, and he also told me about the moment when he and johnny where in LA and he got the tattoo from the heart place with his daughter’s name, and the friend asked him if he is happy with his new family, and johnny said that his daughter represent his life…after this, he asked  him if he will get marry with vanessa and he said that he loves her just like the mother of his kid. I apologise for my english, I’m not a native speacker. I think that their relation was never based on passion and real love, and he tried so much just to keep his family together.

  16. Mary J says:

    Celebdirtylaundry, congratulations!  You called it!  The couple officially split on the 19th June 2012.  Johnny’s rep announced it.  Hopefully they will both be much happier.  Eventually, I think Vanessa must have realised that he wasn’t into her as she was on him.  It’s a shame they wasted so many years on a relationship that had lost it spark very soon after Baby No. 2 came along.  I think it’s taken Johnny really long to mentally ‘prepare’ Vanessa…..and hopefully she got the message and did date that Matthieu Chedid guy, or whoever.  I betcha she’s with a Frenchman.  As for Johnny, who knows, but definetely from 2009 onwards he was ‘happier’…..could it be since he met Amber Heard?   I have to admit i am glad he has FREED himself from Vanessa’s clutches.  He’s nearly 50, so all I can say is he should have did it SOONER.  I guess he was waiting for Jack his son to be a bit older.  Anyway, good call guys!