Johnny Depp Refuses To Brush His Teeth (PHOTO)

Johnny Depp Refuses To Brush His Teeth (PHOTO)

The gorgeous man around the Hollywood town with a not so incredible set of teeth is none other than Johnny Depp. He’s literally perfect . . . well, except for his grill. His teeth. He’s an A-lister. He is married. He has two children, a boy and a girl. He has won a Golden Globe award and a Screen Actors Guild award. Films featuring this sexy actor have grossed over 7.6 billion dollars worldwide. He has been named the “Sexiest Actor Alive” TWICE by People magazine. He was listed in the 2012 Guinness Book of World Records as the highest paid actor, with $75 million. But his teeth? Not so much of a winning characteristic.

Now that you think about it, do you remember seeing many pictures of him smiling while showing his teeth? No, not many. With all the money he has you would think he would go ahead and purchase him a million dollar smile, but he’s not that kinda guy.

From Hollywood Dame, “Someone Introduce Johnny Depp to Colgate.  Admit it, Johnny Depp is on your list provided he is dressed as Jack Sparrow and has showered. The man can make scurvy look hot, but appears to have taken issue with dental hygiene. How very hipster. While on the bright purple carpet for the premiere of ‘Dark Shadows’ in London, Depp sported a rough grill. His teeth made a rare appearance and left me erasing him from my To Do list. The brown and yellow stains are probably from your typical vices, but when one can buy their own island it’s hard to overlook a couple of rounds of bleaching.”

Awww, Johnny, we still love you. Show those teeth! It gives you character. After all, Captain Jack Sparrow wouldn’t have been the same without those teeth.

14 responses to “Johnny Depp Refuses To Brush His Teeth (PHOTO)”

  1. Acricket89 says:

    The “grill” was put on for his roll in Pirates, then taken off after filming…maybe you should know your facts….

  2. Get your facts right, he isn’t married. Teeth stains can easily be removed by dipping your toothbrush with toothpaste on it into bicarbonate of soda this way you get white teeth without paying for bleaching which weakens teeth.

  3. MrsJCDeppII says:

    Johnny Depp is NOT married.

  4. MrsJCDeppII says:

    Johnny Depp is NOT married.

  5. MrsJCDeppII says:

    He used to smoke, but, he has given it up.

    • skittle says:

       That’s why there are photos of him playing drums with his friend Bill Carter recently smoking a cig..

      • rake says:

        OH..Noooo..please Johnny DON’T SMOKE ANYMORE!!! I LOVE YOU

        • skittle says:

           Look up Suzanne Allison Photography on Facebook. She’s a friend of Johnny’s and the wife of Bruce Witkin and  (Johnny’s friend and old band member from The Kids) She’s got tons of photos of Johnny on there. Including some of him smoking. She’s also Johnny’s ex wifes sister and theres a couple of photos of her at these events Johnny attended…

    • skittle says:

       That’s why there are photos of him playing drums with his friend Bill Carter recently smoking a cig..

  6. Johnny has a couple silver capped teeth too. The teeth you are seeing that photo is capped not due to brushing.

    And if you are going to write an article get your facts streight

  7. Bbbchic78 says:

    Johnny Depp doesn’t believe in marriage moron

  8. Surfdancer says:

    I really don’t get why so many think he’s so very sexy. I felt repulsed just watching him speak on Jimmy Kimmel, discussing how they snuck dogs into Australia. Think the poor guy may have a handful of substance abuse problems. That, combined with all the tatts, the gold teeth, the darkness around his eyes, the scraggly beard, just don’t understand why so many women obsessed with him. Even at his peak, I never understood the appeal. No Brad Pitt? COMPLETELY understand the attraction there!!! Not one tattoo, just perfectly beautiful virgin skin, gorgeous face n bod, incredible, compassionate heart and mind. The total package.