REPORT: Johnny Depp Cheated On Amber Heard With Ruth Wilson

REPORT:  Johnny Depp Cheated On Amber Heard With Ruth Wilson

Are Johnny Depp and Ruth Wilson dating now? Well you’ve heard the saying “once a cheat, always a cheat”. Well many people out there are finding out the hard way, including Amber Heard. Sure she may have had a fun little fling with Johnny Depp while he allegedly was with his longtime love and baby mama Vanessa Paradis, but what she probably didn’t expect was for Mr. Depp to stray on her!

So even though Heard was being referred to as a homewrecker, peeps seemed to forget that Johnny strayed as well. Once Amber received that title she freaked.

A source told the National Enquirer that “Amber didn’t want to be seen as the vixen who tore Johnny’s family apart. Johnny had assured her that his relationship with Vanessa was over before they really got serious. But when Amber got drawn into the publicity after their split, she wasn’t happy at all. She actually went into seclusion.”

But from what it sounds like, Depp got bored with Amber and moved on to co-star Ruth Wilson during the filming of his movie role in The Lone Ranger. A source said, “But as filming progressed, Johnny started to have eyes for his beautiful British co-star, Ruth Wilson. Word got back to Amber, and that was the final straw. She abruptly went back to her former girlfriend and is now crying on her shoulder.”

So many people are questioning whether Johnny Depp and Amber Heard really did have anything going on? Well I can tell you one thing I sure as heck believe that it wasn’t anything serious. Sure he may have purchased Amber a horse but buying a horse for Johnny is like me purchasing a milk shake for my best friend. Money don’t mean a thing to J. Depp.

And sure he may have bed her a couple of times and she gratefully obliged but it was short-lived. He ticked off his baby mama and is now just having fun getting frisky with his new co-star Ruth Wilson.

15 responses to “REPORT: Johnny Depp Cheated On Amber Heard With Ruth Wilson”

  1. PTK says:

    Beautiful british co-star? Looks like a man in that photo complete with 5 o’clock shadow. . I google imaged her and another photo that popped up she looks like Jack Nicholson as the Joker. WTF, Johnny..

  2. Deftones3 says:

    These stories are so full of shit. i hope he sues the shit out of you lieing [expletive].

  3. Ohh! If the “Enquirer” said it then it must be true (irony!!)

    This is getting ridiculous! I think first we need a single proof that the Amber/Johnny relationship really existed (and not only in the imagination of journalists) and then we can begin to speculate about why they finished, isn’t it?!!

  4. CAMI says:

     PTK you r moron. but I’m sure many ppl already told you that. MORON!

  5. Ada says:

    Few days ago he bought house in Hawaiian with Amber, now he is with another woman. Do you really want us to believe it ?
    It’s becoming more and more boring. Stop this topic until you have real proof  who he is dating.

  6. MaIs SaLih says:

    no matter what, i will still support johnny depp <3 xx

  7. Mais SaLih says:

    i will always support johnny depp, no matter what <3 xx

  8. Johnnyneedstosue says:

    OMG I’m sorry but Ruth Wilson is not attractive there is something wrong with her top lip. She kinda does have that “joker” look like Cameron Diaz!

    • Dianaprice98 says:

      i agree .i do not think ruth wilson is good looking .i dont see her with johnny at all.she is a talented actress though and also wants to play hamlet as does johnny.i could see them talking about acting but thats about all!

  9. Malika says:

    I don’t give a [expletive] about who JD dating with. leave the old man alone. Love Ruth Wilson tho. she’s brilliant

  10. Minjay Depp says:

    LOL these stories are frkng hilarious. this is all a joke right? they’re doing this on purpose? so we could have something to laugh about? sooo full of shit.