Joshua Ledet: Singer turned Stripper?

Joshua Ledet: Singer turned Stripper?

Louisiana born, Joshua Paul Ledet has been dubbed “Mantasia” on American Idol and could that nick name possibly see Joshua Ledet now be “singer turned stripper”? Well, if the guys at “Mantasia” strip club in NYC have anything to do with it, that’s exactly where Joshua will in fact be heading.

Now, the nickname “Mantasia” did not come because Joshua had any plans to rip off his clothes in a NYC strip club, it was because a lot of people think he is the man version of former Idol, Fantasia.

Joshua basically has his calendar free since being eliminated from the popular singing show but I don’t think he will be free for much longer.

Basically, Joshua was the best and most powerful singer on the show, there is nobody that could have delivered “It’s a Mans Mans Mans World” the way he did with his powerful soulful sound.

There is no doubt in my mind that a recording contract is not too far off in the future for Joshua and besides, he is devoted to his church and his father is a pastor, a male strip club just doesn’t fit here.

Now apparently there are “stripper Gods” out there, because according to TMZ, the head guy at “Mantasia” in NYC believes that Joshua’s nickname is a message that he should be joined with them.

TMZ reports that they called Joshua for comment, but there no response, can you blame him?

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