Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Split Over Date with Victoria’s Secret Model Barbara Palvin

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Split Over Date with Victoria's Secret Model Barbara Palvin

Almost every teenage (and preteen) girl wishes they could date Justin Bieber; just like almost every teenage boy wishes they could date a Victoria’s Secret Model.  Not many can see have their wishes come true…except for Justin Bieber.  Amid rumors that he and the lovely Selena Gomez have split, just was seen out on a date with Victoria’s secret model, Barbara Palvin, to see The Lion King.  She may not have been his first choice as he was seen asking several VS models for their number backstage at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.  I guess he used his own statistical calculations and figured at least one of them had to give him a call.

So little Justin Bieber is out in the dating scene.  Does this mean he and Selena Gomez are truly broken up?  Could the rumors finally be true?  Teens everywhere are letting out a collective cry of both joy and happiness at the realization that Selena is heartbroken, but their precious Bieber is currently available.

This is how it is supposed to be.  Justin is a young, rich 18 year old guy.  Though he has played the role of doting boyfriend to a tee, the last thing he needs is a serious relationship.  Justin needs to be out in the dating world.  The fact that his first venture out, post-Selena Gomez, happens to be with a Victoria’s Secret Model is just a bonus.

But what if the Biebs and Miss Selena ARE still together?  What the hell is he doing going out on a date with a model?  Is he trying to bruise Selena’s ego?  As far as I can tell, her public persona is stellar and I can’t imagine her being a psychotic girlfriend who snaps the minute she sees him smiling at another female.  But, I’ve been wrong before.   Perhaps Justin is trying to push her buttons to spice up their relationship.

In any case, bring on the drama.  Meanwhile, I’m going to let my daughter know that her man Justin is up for grabs.

Let me know what you think readers.  Did Justin and Selena call it quits or is he just being an inconsiderate jerk?

Image Credit: Twitter