Selena Gomez Attacks Justin Bieber And Victoria’s Secret Model For Laughing At Her

Selena Gomez Attacks Justin Bieber And Victoria's Secret Model For Laughing At Her 1109

So… either Justin Bieber is really single and taking a cue from Leonardo DiCaprio or he’s being a very, very bad boyfriend.

For Selena Gomez’s sake, let’s hope Justin is just enjoying his new single status. It’s too bad their break-up had to go down right before Justin performed at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. It’s kind of like a kid turning 21 right before the Great American Beer Festival. You just know good things are not going to come of it.

This morning Page Six has a story about Justin being all up on the models and uber flirty, harassing them for their numbers backstage. I wish I could have seen that. Can you imagine how pathetic that looked? They tower over him! Oh but that’s not all! Justin posed for a pic with model, Barbara Palvin, and they retweeted each other’s messages before and after the show. I have no idea what that means but apparently it’s like getting to second base nowadays. Well, that was enough for the Beliebers and Selena Gomez crazies to freak out and find a video Palvin made a year ago in which she said she didn’t like Selena Gomez. The nerve! [Side note: these little ultimate fans are good little researchers. Imagine if they brought that intensity to school with them!]

So to recap: Justin was hanging with Palvin and his fans found our Palvin ripped on Selena a year ago. So fans started sending the video and quote to Selena’s twitter.

Then Selena started doing some tweeting of her own since there is no such thing as pride or dignity in a twitter war. She posted a pic of Justin and Lil Twist and, ironically enough, Palvin is sticking her head in the middle in the background like a groupie wannabe. Gomez’s caption reads: “…”.

SO WHAT DOES THIS ALL MEAN? Jesus Chris, I have no idea! I’m going to go out on a limb though and say Justin and Selena are dunzo for realsies. Like I said before, nothing good came out of this. Whether Justin posed with Palvin because he knew how she felt about Selena is up in the air. Palvin’s 19 so it’s no surprise she’s on the hunt for the pop star. And Justin is bitchy enough to make Selena feel like shit over twitter. How else is he going to do it if they aren’t in the same city? Who knew the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was basically one big high school?

What do you make of the Justin Bieber and Barbara Palvin situation? Was their flirting innocent or meant to terrorize Selena? Did Justin Bieber and his Victoria’s Secret model ruffle some feathers? I added some other pics of Justin performing at the show. He sure is enjoying himself.

Photo Credit: Diane Cohen/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES/Barbara Palvin Twitter