Justin Bieber Begs Selena Gomez to Forgive His Cheating and Reconcile – He’s “Not Giving Up”

Justin Bieber Begs Selena Gomez to Forgive His Cheating and Reconcile – He’s "Not Giving Up"

Justin Bieber may be more of a typical guy than I had imagined.  After Selena Gomez caught him messing around, quite possibly with Victoria’s Secret model, Barbara Palvin, she dumped his ass, but Justin seems to be having a hard time believing that it’s over.  Justin is insisting that he has been faithful and according to TMZ the young heartthrob absolutely believes that things between himself and the former Disney star are not over.  In his mind, that have split up and gotten back together so many times that it’ll be just fine in the end.

Some couples live their relationship stuck in the revolving door of being on/off and it seems like that constant indecision is part of the relationship itself. The thing is, when they have split before it was never so publicly confirmed.  This to me looks like a clear case of Justin getting caught with his hands in some (VS) Angels’ wings and Selena deciding that enough is enough. We’ve heard that over the last year she has had a difficult time trusting him which means he probably screwed up once before and she let it slide. Doesn’t look like it’s going to happen this time around.

Selena may decide to forgive Justin but that doesn’t mean she’s going to be made a fool of again and if she takes him back now, she’ll look pretty pathetic, won’t she?  Justin is used to getting whatever he wants, when he demands it so having a situation that he can’t fix on the spot is probably killing him!  I’m not even convinced that he wants to be with Selena nearly as much as he doesn’t want to look like a douche bag publicly.

Should Selena forgive and forget, then give Justin another chance or should she keep walking in the opposite direction and find herself a grown man? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Photo Credit:Diane Cohen/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES