Justin Bieber Stringing Selena Gomez Along – One More Overnight Sex Date (Photos)

Justin Bieber Stringing Selena Gomez Along - One More Overnight Sex Date (Photos) 1204

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have become close to inseparable ever since they decided to give their young love another shot. We’ve got more photos of the couple as Justin drove Selena back to his place yesterday in Beverly Hills in his white Ferrari 458 Italia. Is that a douche car? I’m not sure. It’s an amazing car especially for car dudes but is it a little douchy for a 18-year-old to be carting it around? It’s not super incognito is it? I’m just saying… don’t get shitty with the paparazzi if they catch you driving with your on again/off again girlfriend in a Ferrari.

Regardless, these pics, along with the news that Selena is pretty much attached to Justin’s hips, are pretty indicative that Jelena is back together for good – for now. And that’s all Justin wanted, right? Ask, beliebe, receive! Wasn’t the whole reason Selena broke up with him in the first place because he kept bitching that she was never around for him? God forbid the 20-year-old have her own life or career. Surprise, surprise a rich child star pouted (and took some pics with Victoria Secret models) and got exactly what he wanted. I’m not anti-love or anything but I kinda hoped that Selena would have stuck to her guns. It would have been the first time that kid heard no in awhile which might have done him a world of good in the long run. But it was not to be… that time.

I’m still not sold that this reuniting is the real deal anyway especially since Selena’s friends are supposedly telling her to ditch the teenager. According to Life & Style magazine, Taylor Swift is against Jelene 4-Eva. “She [Taylor] just feels Selena is getting weighed down by the Justin drama.”

I’m not even going to touch on the hypocrisy of the statement, however, Taylor’s right. Don’t you think Bieber brings a lot of drama? He’s driving a Ferrari in a city where traffic makes you want to have a nervous breakdown every day. Not practical. Just not practical.

Is Justin Bieber stringing Selena Gomez along because he likes to get his way or is Selena just biding her time?