Justin Bieber’s Post Break-Up New Girlfriends: Watch Cameron Diaz and Chelsea Handler Battle It Out!

Justin Bieber’s Post Break-Up Cougar Girlfriends

There is a new most eligible bachelor in Hollywood! No, George Clooney has not broken up with Stacy Keibler. Justin Bieber is now single! The race is on to see will be his next girlfriend.  We have the Biebs all set to be swallowed whole by a couple of aggressive Hollywood cougars who would love the action a young stud like Justin would produce.  Yes we know Demi Moore has already phoned Scooter Braun for permission to date the Biebs but was turned down flat.  Scooter doesn’t allow Justin to do drugs!

Justin has been seen recently with Victoria’s Secret model Barbara Pavlin at the Broadway performance of The Lion King. They met the night before at the 2012 Victoria Secret fashion show where Justin performed. It’s too early to tell if this date will turn into a relationship but I don’t see Barbara as a contender. She is ok looking, tall but the only thing she has going for her is a pair of wings. Justin needs someone who will challenge him if he is to be with her long term.

The first candidate should be late night talk show host Chelsea Handler.  The Biebs has been hot for the leggy blond since his first appearance on Chelsea Lately. “I want to take you out” and underage Justin says. “I’m too old for you” Chelsea responds with a laugh. Justin was not detoured! He kept after her the whole interview. Justin proceeded to ask Chelsea out twice more when he visited her show. Justin’s chemistry with Chelsea is high energy and fun. Now that Justin is of age Chelsea is dating Andre Balazs. I’m sure he isn’t worried. Chelsea and Andre have been on and off all year so anything can happen. I would love to see these two get together. Imagine the passion between them. Chelsea’s much documented experience with men (her book My Horizontal Life is a New York Times best seller) could teach Justin a lot about women and other experiences he may not have had yet. The outrageous talk show host once said she wanted to deflower all three Jonas brothers. I’m sure she is thinking the same thing about Justin. It would be a great story in one of Chelsea’s future books.

I also think Justin should consider dating Cameron Diaz. This woman is gorgeous, talented and a lot of fun. She is a well rounded person professionally and personally. Cameron surfs and she eats unpretentious food (her current favorite is fried pork rinds) in her disciplined eating plan. Cameron has described herself as a guy’s girl because she doesn’t mind when they are disgusting around her. In her career Cameron appeared in many high profile films in various types of roles. She appeared in the comedies There’s Something About Mary and My Best Friends Wedding. Cameron also took on dramatic roles in Gangs of New York and Being John Malkovich. In her down time Cameron likes to party some but she is truly committed to a healthy lifestyle. Her new health and fitness book was written for teens and women to help them make good choices for their bodies. I love Cameron because she is a happy and secure person. At age 40 she says she feels better than at age 25 and does not mind getting older. She is willing to have fun without fear of looking silly. Cameron and Gwyneth Paltrow made a hilarious rap video for Chelsea Handler to celebrate Chelsea’s show moving to Universal Studios.

Justin has been single for only about a week and seems to be enjoying his freedom. At age 18 he should be having fun and exploring the world. When he is ready for another relationship I hope he will consider my picks. Both Chelsea and Cameron live life to the fullest and who wouldn’t want to be around people who can bring out the best in you?

2 responses to “Justin Bieber’s Post Break-Up New Girlfriends: Watch Cameron Diaz and Chelsea Handler Battle It Out!”

  1. Annette says:

    Weiß jemand, wann das süße Bübchen Justin Bieber eingeschult wird? Ich möchte ihm zur Einschulung nämlich gern einen Bleistift mit Radiergummi, 2 Luftballons, einen Lutscher und eine Tüte Gummibärchen schenken.


  2. Ronny says:

    Auch ich finde Justin Biebers schön behaartes Bäuchlein mit seinem so liebreizenden Bauchnabelchen einmalig schön, sehr sexy und total süß.