Report: Kate Gosselin’s Alleged Child Abuse Details Here

Report: Kate Gosselin’s Alleged Child Abuse Details Here

There have been so many reasons NOT to like Kate Gosselin over the years that it’s hard to remember them all. The most recent accusations against the former reality show diva give a completely different look at Kate’s ability to cope with all of those kids. Until now she just appeared to be completely self-absorbed and those kids were her tool to use to crawl into the public spotlight now and then. According to Robert Hoffman, a reporter who got his hands on Kate’s secret journals, when the TV cameras weren’t rolling Kate was abusing those kids.

Her wooden spoon became known as “the spanker” and there were numerous entries about using it on even two year old babies.  There were also detailed accounts of literally throwing babies into cribs and dragging them by their hair.  Of course with such horrific allegations the press was going to run straight to Kate’s ex, Jon Gosselin for a statement of some kind. As it turns out, Jon used Kate’s discipline methods against her while going through that ugly divorce. According to RadarOnline,

“Jon knew that Kate was using that wooden spoon with the kids and hated it.  There was more than one instance where he thought she used it too aggressively.  “When their marriage was crumbling and they weren’t on good terms, they were both using whatever they could against each other, and the spoon and Kate’s methods of discipline were good ammo for Jon.”

Well, it looks like once again evil Kate has found a way to garner publicity for herself through her children!  She has come under fire before and usually can find a loophole to crawl through to make herself look a bit better, at least in her few fans’ minds. I don’t see a way out of this one though. In her own words she looks like an abusive woman that shouldn’t have children in her care.  Do you think Kate will even try to defend herself against these claims or stay silent? Would you like to see Kate Gosselin’s wooden spoon made illegal? Tell us your thoughts below!

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10 responses to “Report: Kate Gosselin’s Alleged Child Abuse Details Here”

  1. Annabelle says:

    She is a monster. You don’t beat 2-year-olds with objects. You don’t drag children by their hair, and you don’t throw them around. We have seen the pictures of the wooden spoon in her van, and heard a former nanny’s claims that she beat the kids with a spoon. We have seen pictures of her beating Leah, and saw her deny Mady water, and then drink it herself in front of her thirsty child. And on the show, all the screaming and pinching, smacking Jon around, hitting Emeril Lagasse. This woman is brutal.
    These are not just wild claims in the book. All of this came from an old computer of Kate’s. Her words, in her writing. She can’t say Mr. Hoffman lied, because this is what she said. She’d have to say she lied. She wrote this story herself. ANd she deserves whatever backlash she gets out of it.

  2. texasgirl says:

    When i was growing up switches and belts so what is the big deal? A wooden spoon to me would not hurt like a switch with afew leaves.

    • Eddder says:

      You don’t beat 2-year olds with spoons, period. You DON’T drag kids by their hair, you DON’T throw kids in cribs. So shut up. Stop comparing this to your childhood.

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  4. Wannabe says:

    Hypothetically Kate could say that all of the allegations are lies made up by the press. So, let’s just say that this is the truth for arguments sake. She is still a very domineering, intimidating, and aggressive woman, and if I was a kid, spoon or no spoon I would live in fear of her. I have a feeling one of these days after it is to late the kids will speak up.

  5. Tattoo says:

    Think about it before deciding if this is true or not. Who would ever actually document in their diary the ways that they cruelly disciplined their children? I have no doubt she did use a wooden spoon, I’ve known lots of parents who have done that, however, I doubt very much she wrote a detailed account of how she punished her 8 children by dragging them by their hair.

  6. Lisa says:

    Abortion at 17, and fertility drugs at 24?? Explain that Kate.

    • I know about that abortion Kate Gosselin had a 17 then lying about she could never get pregnant then using fertility drugs at 24 she knew having multiples would bring fame and fortune.

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