Kate Gosselin’s Kids Tangle With A Pit Bull (Photo)

Kate Gosselin's Kids Tangle With A Pit Bull (Photo)

Uh-oh, it looks like Jon Gosselin is going to be dealing with the wrath of ex-wife, Kate Gosselin, yet again. This time around it’ll technically be the fault of Jon’s girlfriend, Liz Jannetta.  She took to her Twitter recently and posted photos of the Gosselin kids hugging and kissing a pit bull. The breed in general gets a bad rap and many believe that kids shouldn’t be around them much at all because they’re untrustworthy.  Since we read practically each week of crazed pits attacking people, often their owners, this is no surprise.

Some of Liz’s Twitter followers accused her of trying to stir the pot simply by posting the pics of another woman’s’ children and she fired back that these are her boyfriends kids and she obviously has a lot of affection for them.

The photos are likely to set Kate off, but then most things do. I understand the generalized concern over pit bulls and I somewhat share it myself. A family member of mine has one and it’s great with kids, but I still wouldn’t go out and get one myself.  They can do a lot of damage if provoked.  I’m sure the response to Kate’s raging was pretty interesting, considering those bombshell allegations that she herself has recently had to fend off! If you remember, according to her own recently discovered journals, she beat the hell out of those kids and much of her parenting punishment style can arguably be considered abuse. She treated the family pets ALMOST as bad as her eight kids.

I’m sure Kate will have a public reaction to the photos, but do you think deep down she’ll really give a crap?  It just seems like a convenient reason for her to be able to lash out at her former husband and shift some of the parenting backlash from herself to him, don’t you think?

Would you want your kids to be photographed cuddling with a pit bull? Tell us your thoughts about this story in the comments below!

Image Credit: Twitter/Instagram

  • Betsy

    Why the wrath over a pit bull? My SIL has one, plus with 2 small children, and the dog is great with them. Liz’s dog is showing the child affection, licking his face. Hardly an aggressive act. The kid looks happy and relaxed, cuddling with the dog. God for him. They are always lined up in a row, smiling for the camera when they’re with Kate. She’ll just be mad because the kids are enjoying their time with their dad. She needs to get over it. The kids are in more danger when they’re with their mother (and her temper) than with their dad’s GF’s dog.

  • Lucy

    You said it Betsy. The kids are probably beaten with that wooden spoon daily.

  • Lucy

    That picture melts my heart. Never got that much love from his own mother. He looks so relaxed and happy. I never see the kids look that way with Kate.

  • teresa sigler

    I agree Betsy! ALL THOSE KIDS HAVE EACH TANGLED WITH CUJO FROM HELL and that is THEIR MOTHER! This pit bull is a walk in the park compared to be picked up by the hair of the head as a 2yr. old and thrown into their crib and BEAT with a wooden spoon into the crib! I can’t wait for the new re edited book to come out and then Robert H can get on the talk shows and start spreading kates own words all over the world that she fooled! You know it is going to kill her to see him on tv talking about THE BOOK!!!!

  • xgingerx

    Seriously? Pitbulls are great dogs. I have 2 and they love kids. Don’t buy into the hype. Pitbulls are statistically one of the most people friendly breeds. The most reported bites actually belongs to the cocker spaniel. They didn’t ask to be here and unfortunately there are far more of them then there are suitable homes. Consider the population statistics of a breed before you assume that just because you hear about them a lot that they are vicious. They account for over 20% of dogs in shelters. They are probably one of the most common breeds. A lot of people want them for the wrong reasons and mistreat them. You’d be vicious too under those circumstances.