Kate Middleton And Prince William Honeymoon Photos Leaked, Couple Furious! (Photos)

Kate Middleton And Prince William Honeymoon Photos Leaked, Couple Furious! (Photos) 0711

They had hoped to have a truly private honeymoon but it looks like Prince William and Kate Middleton had company on their fantasy Seychelles vacation last year. An Australian magazine published photos today of the royal couple enjoying their time alone and Kate and William are said to be outraged.

The cover picture on Women’s Day magazine shows Will and Kate walking hand-in-hand down the beach in their trunks and bikini. William’s board shorts are adorable but Kate’s terribly thin figure will have people talking for months no doubt. I try to stay away from the “Kate Middleton is anorexic” stories, since I understand she likes to wear designer clothes and is afraid to look big in front of the cameras, but OMG! Her body is TINY. An avatar popped in my head right away when I saw the pic. She’s so tall and so skinny. It looks weird, like not normal. I posted other photos of Will and Kate vacationing in Ibiza in 2006. She’s gorgeous and skinny in those pics, but it’s so different, don’t you think? She looks healthy in her white bikini. Just wait. Eating disorder stories are going to be everywhere in a matter of days.

The pictures looked to be taken with a super long-lensed camera by a paparazzi who had to have been tipped off as to the location. The Daily Beast reports some UK tabloids had inside knowledge of where the Honeymoon was taking place and blatantly disregarded the couple’s wishes to have the time to themselves. No one knows why it took so long for the pictures to surface although the Daily Beast writes, “It is possible whoever secretly commissioned the photos then had second thoughts about alienating the Palace, and the photographer was then forced to wait out  an exclusivity period before selling them. Contract intricacies may also explain why they have turned up in the Australian market rather than much bigger UK or US territories.”

I actually feel bad I’m looking at the photos. Kate and Wills have been betrayed and it’s terribly sad. They are bound to be jaded by this experience and William’s reticence to put his life out there might be increased because of it. I don’t want the two to go into hiding. What will I do with my time?!! On the other hand, I couldn’t help myself. I expect if you’re reading this, like me, you have a serious addiction to the royal couple and are fascinated by the pics and just had to see what Kate Middleton’s bikini body looked like. What do you think of the magazine publishing the pics? Is Kate way too skinny? How do you think Kate and William will react?

Photo Credit: BIG UK/Flynetpictures.com

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