Kate Middleton Terrified to Give Birth to Future King or Queen

Kate Middleton Terrified to Give Birth to Future King or Queen

Kate Middleton is enjoying some of the best days of her life right now. When the morning sickness has her flat out and sick as a dog, she would probably completely disagree with that assessment, but it’s still true. There’s nothing quite like everyone around you being excited for you and that new baby that you’re carrying. Especially when you’re about to become a first time mom, as Kate is. Everything is different and each stage of pregnancy can be like an exciting new adventure.

Kate has to be happy, excited and just a little bit scared. All of the unknown factors – will she be sick the whole time, will she eventually end up on bed rest and then the all-important – is she carrying a future queen or king?  So many variables and one of the biggest ones revolves around the actually delivery of her child in 2013.  Will she have a natural birth or need a c-section to bring her baby into this world?

The actual thought of child birth scares the crap out of every mom-to-be and along the way there are always women that want to tell you all about their experiences. Kate might be a royal but that won’t protect her from hearing all about birth horror stories. British star, Davina McCall has already suggested to the duchess that childbirth is like “peeing out a watermelon”, which apparently has made Kate more than a little scared.

Frankly I have heard and can think of far worse analogies than that and I for one will hope that Kate doesn’t learn firsthand about the joys of back labor. Kate will be freaked out by the initial stories and then comfort herself with the notion that giving birth is still months and months away. I’ll bet that she’ll be like every other mom I have ever known and by the time she is 8 or 9 months pregnant, she’ll just want that baby OUT and that need replaces a lot of the childbirth fear.

Do you think Kate will keep her fear in check and cruise through her pregnancy? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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