Kate Middleton Forcing Prince William To Make A Decision

Kate Middleton Forcing Prince William To Make A Decision 0608

There may not be a baby on board yet, but Kate Middleton is ready for Prince William to leave his career as a Royal Air Force pilot behind and start to get serious about his royal duties in producing an heir. As many of us know, it takes two to tango in that arena, but Kate gets most of the backlash when her stomach remains stubbornly concave.

Though William has recently made enticing comments that he and Kate are looking forward to starting a family, Clarence House just announced the prince has qualified as an operational search and rescue captain. First Lieutenant Wales can now command search and rescue operations in RAF Sea King helicopters. And this new honor might be too good to pass up as Now magazine reports William must decide if he’s going to stay in the RAF for the next three years or settle down to making little Windsors with Kate.

But a source tells Now that Kate, or rather her womb, holds all the power in the decision. “It all depends on whether Kate falls pregnant by then or not. William’s main goal is to be a father but at the same time he loves the thought of staying in the forces.”

Kate better be drinking those fertility smoothies for breakfast, lunch and dinner because you best believe she wants to get out of Anglesey and get that baby under her belt.

Kate will do anything she needs to do to keep William happy. I think if he truly wanted to stay with the RAF she would make it happen for him. But these are the scenarios she’s dealing with. She can let Wills keep playing pilot in North Wales while she goes shopping at the local Tesco, baby-less and labeled “too skinny and barren” or worse, “lazy” by the press OR the couple can move full-time to London where Kate can shop to her heart’s delight and her burgeoning belly can be fawned over by the entire world and probably some planets we don’t even know about.

Um… which would you choose? Kate’s getting knocked up soon for sure.

Photo Credit: CWNY/FameFlynet Pictures

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