Kate Middleton Laughs Off First Near Nude Photos, Of Course Blames Other People

Kate Middleton Laughs Off First Near Nude Photos, Of Course Blames Other People 1109

Kate Middleton’s never been able to live down the fact that she caught Prince William’s fancy by sashaying down the runaway in a barely there, craptastic yet sexy, lingerie for a student fashion show. It’s usually the first photos one sees of the future queen whenever her time at St. Andrews comes up. She never talks about it because it’s undignified and all that and because she hates the fact that people ever associate her with scheming to get the prince the moment she switched colleges to make sure they went to the same one.

But she couldn’t help it yesterday when she and William returned to St. Andrews for its 600th anniversary fundraising dinner. According to The Daily Beast, Kate was chatting with a female undergrad about fund-raising initiatives and joked, “I hope you weren’t involved in the fashion show, you never know what you are going to be asked to wear!”

Ah, Kate! Don’t make me hate you! Don’t pretend you didn’t know William was sitting front row. Don’t pretend you knew you looked hot in the lingerie and don’t pretend you simply HAD to wear that outfit because the show would have collapsed if your modesty made you switch with some other girl. Talk about sliding doors. Can you imagine how history would have played out if Kate didn’t wear that outfit?

Unfortunately for Kate now she’s turned into the exhibitionist princess. People can’t talk about those old nearly nude photos without thinking of her more recent very nude photos. That’s why I love that the fashion show pics keep getting tossed around. Oddly enough you can’t find any other girls gone bad pics of her out there and the girl went to college and took a gap year in Italy. Where are all the cigarette photos? Where are the Pippa-inspired bra dancing shots? Regardless, she can’t seem to shake the ones that count (aka the most embarrassing ones).

Anyway, here are pics of Kate Middleton at St. Andrews last night. She recycled her lace Alice Temperley gown she wore to the War Horse premier last year. I know a lot of you think lace is old but I absolutely love this dress. I would wear the shit out of it. Oh, and check the angles. No baby for Kate yet, right? No bulge in sight.

Are you surprised Kate Middleton laughed off and even addressed the near nude photos? Kate Middleton couldn’t finally be getting over the scandals, could she? Could she possibly have a sense of humor?


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