See Kate Middleton Topless! Pics Behind The Latest Royal Scandal (Photos)

See Kate Middleton Topless! Pics Behind The Latest Royal Scandal (Photos) 0914

I feel like P.T. Barnum! Step right up and view Kate Middleton’s topless photos! In all fairness to the hype, Kate Middleton’s t-ts are kind of like the bearded ladies from the circus. You know what they probably look like but that doesn’t stop you from wanting to take a peek.

So here they are. Are we going to judge? Duh! You’re the assh-ole clicking on the photos, don’t disappoint me now by not having an opinion and don’t pretend you’re not comparing her to your own bikini body. She looks great, right? The pics are grainy but clear enough. I’m actually shocked by how healthy she looks. You all remember the honeymoon bikini pics that were leaked? Not so healthy there but a lot of you let her off easy on that one since she was just coming off her wedding diet. Kate is tanned (everywhere) and toned and her ass looks crazy amazing. Pippa who? She should come out with a workout video. I would be pre-order that sh-t.

So should Kate be outraged? Ya, probably. She stupidly thought no one was around and was enjoying herself. And they clearly are, don’t you think? There’s the cute pic of Kate putting lotion on William’s back and one where it looks like they’re embracing. Kate and William clearly love each other. It pulls at the heart strings. If I were the palace I would quit spinning the “Kate Middleton/Princess Diana victim” card and pull the “Hey, these are just two crazy kids in love making a baby”. Then maybe there wouldn’t be so much “Poor Kate” and more “Way to go Kate!” Kate the victim isn’t relatable. No one should feel sorry for her EVER! However, the Kate who wants to get busy with her hot ass prince is totally relatable. Who wouldn’t want to flash their rack in Prince William’s face? Just me? All right, then….

Anyway, what I’m saying is that Kate should own these pics like a badge of honor. She puts in the work and she looks great. Keep you head high Kate but remember to put that top back on. We want your ladies to stay high too!

What do you think of the Duchess of Cambridge topless? Are the photos as scandalous as you thought they’d be? Also, the pics were taken two weeks ago. Does it look like she’s got a bun in the oven? I don’t think so.

Photo Credit: Closer magazine/Barcroft/Fame Pictures