Kate Middleton Miscarriage Risk – Prince William Appears Grave at Hospital (Photos)

Kate Middleton Miscarriage Risk - Prince William Appears Grave at Hospital (Photos)

As if her summer wasn’t stressful enough, with magazines and websites across the world publishing topless photos of her, Kate Middleton’s winter is looking equally bleak. What should be a time of joy – announcing her pregnancy with her beloved Prince William – may be taking a turn for the tragic. Pregnancy rumors have been buzzing for weeks, but now it’s official – not only is Princess Kate pregnant, but she’s in the hospital to treat serious complications.

After 18 months of marriage with no baby news, speculation was intense and there were questions about whether the ultra-thin princess would be able to get pregnant. As we wrote last weekend, it looks like the pin thin princess has turned to IVF to force her body into a pregnancy it may not be able to handle.

And now, rather than a joyous royal pronouncement made with fanfare and pomp, instead there’s the news that Princess Kate is hospitalized with serious pregnancy complications. As with anything with the royals, they never tell us the whole story. If they’re willing to say that Princess Kate is in the hospital due to her pregnancy, the reality is, the news may be much worse and the pregnancy may be at risk!

The official story is that Kate’s got hyperemesis gravidarum, an extremely rare pregnancy complication that only occurs in 2% of pregnancies. She’s been admitted to King Edward VII hospital after falling ill over the weekend at her parent’s home. Kate has been throwing up and unable to keep down any food or liquids, which means any nutrients the fetus is getting will be leached from Kate’s body – a pin-thin body that doesn’t look like it has any nutrients to spare.

So why force a pregnancy using IVF when she’s too thin and too stressed to have a healthy pregnancy? It’s the real life Game of Thrones. Prince Charles and wife Camilla Parker-Bowles are an embarrassment and Queen Elizabeth doesn’t want them on the throne – I can’t imagine she would ever let the woman who broke up Charles’ marriage to the uber-popular Princess Diana sit in her chair and wear a crown…

Palace insiders believe the Queen has promised Kate that if she can produce an heir ASAP, the monarch will pass over Prince Charles and place the crown on the sweet and vastly more popular Prince William. Kate and William would be wildly popular as King and Queen, where Charles and Camilla would serve as a reminder of the loss of Wills’ mom Diana – the people’s princess.

So it’s understandable that Kate and William might opt for medical intervention to get pregnant sooner rather than later, particularly since the Queen herself is ailing. But with Kate’s pregnancy at risk, what will this mean?

Rather than looking like a proud dad to be, photos of Prince William leaving the hospital show a man deeply worried. This looks like it could be more than just really bad morning sickness. He looks sick to death and the question is, will Kate emerge from this hospital stay with her pregnancy intact or is she losing their little one?

The princess is still in her first trimester, when pregnancies are especially fragile, and with her stressful life and 0% body fat, there’s a real risk that either she or the baby may not make it out of the hospital! This cannot be a welcome situation for Prince William, who no doubt is thinking about losing his mother as he may be facing losing his child. Diane herself suffered a miscarriage between William and Harry, so this has to be a tough time for William. Another similarity between his young bride and his mum that died too young is the intense paparazzi scrutiny. He was said to be livid when topless photos of his bride were published this summer and it made him relive the loss of his mother – chased to death by paps – all over again.

The palace has already take the extraordinary step of announcing they’d cancelled the Princess’s upcoming engagements – something that’s rarely done – usually only in cases of life and death. Poor William and Kate. Let’s all hope that the doctors are able to save the pregnancy – whatever is wrong with her – whether it’s just the intense morning sickness or something much more serious. We’ll keep you posted here at Celeb Dirty Laundry as news breaks.

Catherine Duchess of Cambridge has been admitted to for Hyperemesis Gravidarum. The condition, described as “extreme, persistent nausea and vomiting during pregnancy,” can lead to dehydration and even induce hallucinations.