Did Kate Middleton And Her Parents Blow Off The Royals During Boxing Day Shoot?

Did Kate Middleton And Her Parents Blow Off The Royals During Boxing Day Shoot? 1226

So we all are very aware that Kate Middleton and Prince William stayed away for Christmas. Instead of Downton Abbeying it all over Sandringham they decided a quiet, restful day with the Middletons in Berkshire is just what Kate needed. I’m not sure how restful it turned out to be. Did you see the pics of Kate and William leaving church yesterday? Homegirl looked rough. I looked at the pics a few times wondering if I wasn’t getting something but apparently the royal family asked the photographers to leave Kate and Will in peace that day so she must have assumed there wouldn’t be any shutterbugs there. Unfortunately for her they were and they got her on a definite off day. Oh well, we all have them. Surprise, surprise Kate Middleton is human and can look like shit sometimes!

Was she just conserving all her gestating strength for the day after? Today is the annual royal family Boxing Day shoot. Prince Philip usually gathers a whole bunch of the family together and they go out killing pheasants and other happy, cute creatures. William’s always game and Kate was supposed to join in for the first time last year but she stayed in because she didn’t want the negative press. She was caught practicing with a rifle with a giant grin on her face earlier and she got a lot of heat for it. Under her current condition, I doubt she’d have anything to do with it. So are Kate, William and the Middletons blowing off the Queen yet again? News was that the Cambridges were supposed to stay back for Christmas but join the royals for festivities after. There were even rumors that Queen Elizabeth invited Carole and Michael Middleton (not Pippa or James) to join them for Boxing Day. Are they just having so much fun in Berkshire? Or is Kate still feeling a little under the weather? Who knows, the whole family could be in Sandringham at this minute but they just haven’t released it yet though I find that hard to believe. You’ve got to assume the news agencies have their eyes on Kate and William especially since they bucked tradition this year.

One of my favorite things to do when I’m bored is to read the comments section in the UK tabs regarding Kate and William. It’s good research and also presents great ideas. For the most part, people are murdering Kate and William over their decision to not be at Sandringham. Many love to point out how Kate is using her “sickness” to get what she wants and William is too besotted to do anything about it. Another thing a lot of people pointed out was that the royal family looked a lot more relaxed this year on their walk back from church than they did last year with Kate because they didn’t have to deal with her drama. I didn’t know Kate created drama last year. If someone knows this story then hit me up. I need to know what happened!

So is there some truth here? Is she manipulating her pregnancy for Boxing Day? Kate Middleton did look like crap yesterday but that could just be what she looks like normally when she thinks she won’t be photographed. Will the magic couple take a PR hit so soon after the baby announcement?

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