Kate Middleton Shows That She Is Ready For A Baby

Kate Middleton Shows That She Is Ready For A Baby

Kate Middleton is such a naturally loving person that motherhood is obviously in her very near future.  With Prince William home from his military mission in the Falklands and cozied up with his darling in the family love nest we expect some good news soon!  We would not be surprised if Duchess Kate and her Prince will be adding a member to their family late this year or early in 2013.

Kate has earned the sobriquet ‘The Children’s Princess’ and that is because she loves children so much and they love her right back.  Kate is such a natural with kids, devoting her time especially those that are seriously ill, that it is no surprise that she is the most popular royal is decades – how can you not love her?

She was welcomed into the Royal Family less than a year ago and has already demonstrated her prowess with relating to youngsters.  Some of the children who have interacted personally with the Duchess of Cambridge tell of their encounters below.

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The Daily Mail reports:  Jaydn Proffitt, seven, lives in Littlemore, Oxford, with mum Simone, 33, dad Mark, 43, a steamboat pilot, and siblings Amelia, 14, Amber, 11, and twin Taylor, seven. He met the Duchess in February when she visited his school, Rose Hill Primary in Oxford. Jaydn says:

We had a letter at school telling us Kate was coming and we were all very excited when she walked into our art class.  I thought she might have been wearing a crown. She wasn’t, but she still looked pretty. She was really tall and had very high heels on.

My mum couldn’t have walked in them and she was taller than my dad. She was very nice and posh with a good voice and she smelled of raspberries.  I was painting when she arrived and she helped me put glitter on my picture. She was very good at it.

Everyone is talking about it at school and they are all jealous because they wanted to talk to her and I did.  We talked a bit about her wedding and other stuff. She said she liked cats and dogs and rabbits.

Then she said: ‘I’ll tell you a secret. My dog’s name is Lupo.’ Then she giggled.   I think she’d make a really cool teacher, but I wouldn’t want her job. There’s a lot of driving around and I get sick when I go in cars.

Paige Hearn, four, lives in Warrington, Cheshire, with mum Claire, 25. Paige met the Duchess last month at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool, where she’s been having chemotherapy for leukemia. Paige says:

I gave Kate a photo of me watching her and William get married on TV.

She said: ‘Are you sure I can keep it?’ But I wanted her to take it home to her castle. I made her lots of things, a card and a crown, and I drew a picture of Kate and Prince William. She said she would show it to him. I hope she remembers.

She asked me if I’d had my treatment, but I didn’t want to talk about that, so I let Mummy tell her. I liked her hair — it’s very long and a bit curly.

When the princess was going, I said ‘I have to do a curtsy,’ because I’d been practicing. But then I was shy, so I made Mummy do a curtsy, too.

We wish all the best to Kate and William – they are an inspiration to us all.   Do you think Kate will make a great mom?  Let us know in the comments below.

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