Kate Middleton’s Hiding A BIG Secret From Prince William

Kate Middleton's Hiding A BIG Secret From Prince William 0606

Who knew that behind that picture perfect smile plastered on every newspaper cover this week during the Queen’s Jubilee, Kate Middleton was keeping a monster secret from her husband, Prince William? Could it be the future of the monarchy is now safely ensconced behind the flat tummy of the Duchess of Cambridge and Kate has had to stay mum until the Queen felt adequately celebrated? The couple have hinted at starting a family soon but that news will just have to wait. Kate’s planning a surprise 30th birthday party for her prince but please… don’t tell him!

The cat’s out of the bag! Now magazine reports that Kate has been busy planning the birthday bash for William’s milestone birthday. And like their wedding day, famous for its intimacy and specific, special details from the couple, Kate is making sure this party is fit for William – not fit for a future King. “Kate really wants to make Wills’ birthday one to remember and she’s pulling out all the stops,” a royal insider told Now.

The big event takes place on June 21. I wonder if little sister Pippa Middleton will help out with the arrangements. She’s doing weddings now but no one knows parties like Pippa. Well, maybe Prince Harry knows a little bit more but I think he’s more about enjoying the parties whereas Pippa claims she likes to plan them!

Will the big unveiling take place at the bash? And no, I’m not talking about Kate jumping out of the cake with boobie tassels and hooker heels. Kate commissioned her first portrait to be painted as a birthday gift to William. I’m sure it’ll be nice and all but I hope she doesn’t give it to him in front of the huge crowd of friends. I know royals do things differently but I think that would be weird in all social circles. She could save that one for the bedroom. Perhaps a nice watch or toy helicopter will suffice for the party.

This party is coming at a great time. The young royals will be able to let their hair down and relax after the grueling Jubilee schedule and rev up for the London Olympics. What an amazing year for Kate to join the royal family, right? I was thinking about this yesterday. Obviously William and Kate were going to get married, but I wonder if it was perfectly calculated to coincide a year before all these major events to give her just the right amount of time to acclimate. And one could wonder if the excitement over the Jubilee or Olympics would be so high if it wasn’t for the huge success of the royal wedding. Those royals plan everything to perfection. So far, so good. Kate’s being groomed by masters. I have no doubt her party for William will be just as impeccably timed. Hopefully, I didn’t ruin the surprise!

Photo Credit: CWNY/FameFlynet Pictures