Kate Middleton’s Pregnancy Announcement Was The Ultimate Betrayal

Kate Middleton's Pregnancy Announcement Was The Ultimate Betrayal 1128

But was it a lie? The Kate Middleton baby bump stories are vamping up again as she was seen out working her ass off this week at a couple engagements. Slow your roll Kate! Three engagements in over a week might show people you actually like working! She gave a speech that wasn’t horrible AND she cut her hair! Oh please, she layered her sides – hardly a hair cut! Anyway, the crazy hair cut must have been in response to her anger over pregnancy tales told by old friend Jessica Hay. Why this woman would know anything is beyond me but I like Kate Middleton pregnant stories so we’re going with it.

You’ll remember last week Hay caused a whole lot of trouble when she told an Australian publication that Kate was definitely preggers. According to Now magazine, Kate is “feeling really hurt over this latest betrayal.” I’m not sure who is more full of shit. And I’m tired of royals using the world betrayal. You’re royal. You’re famous. People are going to talk. Stop bitching about it!  So Kate’s hurt – but she’s not pregnant – or at least not telling us yet. That’s too bad. I was really looking forward to a Christmas miracle reveal.

Take a look at the photos below. The Examiner is pro-Hay and insisting Kate is pregnant and sporting a baby bump under that ugly green dress. Do you see a bump? I don’t see a bump. I see a high-waisted flowy dress that makes the flattest stomachs look round. I hate dresses like that. They do nothing for  you. Unless you go straight up and down you cannot wear it. Naturally, Kate can wear it but it doesn’t help the baby bump rumors.

I was just in London and stayed in a hotel minutes away from the Natural History Museum. Can you possibly understand my feelings today as I wake up to find out Kate Middleton debuted her new haircut seconds away from me and I wasn’t there to stalk? Life is cruel sometimes.