Katie Couric Cheating Scandal Explodes!

Katie Couric Cheating Scandal Explodes!

This week’s edition of The National Enquirer has the cover story ‘Katie Couric Cheating Scandal Explodes!’ We learn about the shocking love triangle that threatens to destroy her family – who could the others in the triangle be?  All of Katie’s secret hookups, betrayals and lies will be revealed – glad I’m not Katie!

Could this be related to Matt Lauer?  We reported on CDL that Matt has a love child – but it is not Katie’s.

Next we learn that poor Ryan O’Neil has only 4 months left to live due to his advanced prostate cancer.  Ryan says ‘I’m ready to join Farrah,’ in his exclusive interview with The Enquirer.

What about this bombshell?  Britney Spears really wants Simon Cowell in her bed and that is why she is flirting with joining the ‘The X Factor USA.’  Ye s… that is just what Simon needs – a mentally unstable Britney trying to get into his pants.  OMG!  Hopefully Simon gets Britney to sign on for the next season – it should be interesting.

The Enquirer also exposes the inside conflict that is destroying the wedding plan of Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel.  And we thought that Justin had finally settled down…

Machete Nightmare for Drew Barrymore – is another story in this week’s edition of the NE.  What can this tale possiblly be about?

But the absolute best reporting by The Enquirer this week is going be when the print edition reveals that Jennifer Aniston collapsed upon learning that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie became engaged.  Lots of people have been crowing about how happy Jen is that her arch-rival, Angelina, is getting the man that she lost – never mind lost… Angelina stole Brad right out of Jen’s bed.  Now we will learn the bitter truth – that Jen is appalled at the news.

Rush out and get your National Enquirer – we certainly will!

Katie Couric Cheating Scandal Explodes!