Matt Lauer Has A Secret Love Child

Matt Lauer Has A Secret Love Child

So we have all heard the rumors for years that Matt Lauer cheats on his wife with (insert whichever name here).  Now the news has broken that Matt has a love child with a co-worker that looks just like him!

It’s true that back in 2006 his then pregnant wife Annette Lauer filed for divorce before withdrawing the paperwork a month later.  It’s true that rumors of marital strife have swirled around the couple more often than not.  This week The National Enquirer claims that dark clouds are moving in on Lauer yet again.  This time the allegations are a bit more explosive though.

It seems that Matt has a love child with his news anchor Natalie Morales. Sources claim that Matt and Natalie became very close with Morales while the two were covering the 2006 Winter Olympics in Italy.  Two years later Morales announce that she was 12 weeks pregnant by husband Joe Rhodes.

Rhodes refused to deny claims to The Enquirer that Matt is the father of the child!  Who can blame him… since the kid looks just like Matt!

The National Enquirer Print Edition, April 23 reports the following:   “I heard that Matt had an affair with Natalie, and he’s the father of one of her kids,” a rival network told The Enquirer. “Everyone’s buzzing that the boy looks just like him.”  Another industry source said: “The Matt Lauer love child scandal is the worst-kept-secret among the network morning shows.  Everyone’s talking about it – even at NBC. He’s trying to get Ann Curry dumped as co-anchor, and those loyal to her also talking it up.  Matt has enemies inside and outside the shows Studio 1A, and if he’s got this giant skeleton in his closet, there are many who want to see it come out.”

Lauer does have a tortured past, it seems. In 2006, Lauer’s wife Annette – pregnant with their third child – filed for divorce before withdrawing the legal paperwork a month later.  The divorce filing came while the rumors were surfacing that Matt had gotten involved with Morales during the Today Show coverage of the 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino, Italy.

“They got very close and became extremely fond of one another,” a source told The Enquirer, “They saw each other when they returned to the US.”

Two years later, the rumors again began flying when Morales announced she was 12 weeks pregnant by husband Joe Rhodes.

“There was unbelievable talk that Matt could be the father of her baby!” revealed another show source. Incredibly, when we gave Rhodes the opportunity to shoot down allegations that his wife was involved with Matt, he did not deny them to The Enquirer.

Morales remains part of the Today Show team, and she said recently that she still manages to cook dinner every night for her investment banker husband and their two sons, Josh and Luke.

It sounds like things could get pretty messy if these allegations are true.  Do you watch the Today Show?  Have you ever suspected that Matt and Natalie were ever more than colleagues?  Let us know your opinion in the comments below.

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