Katie Holmes And Tom Cruise On A Collison Course As Suri Starts School

Katie Holmes And Tom Cruise On A Collison Course As Suri Starts School

It’s old news now that Katie Holmes blindsided Tom Cruise when she filed for divorce and the former couple has done a bang up job of staying apart for the last six weeks.  Rumor has it that Katie has enrolled Suri in a prestigious NYC school this fall and she and Tom will likely reunite when it comes to Suri’s first day of first grade.  No doubt all eyes (and cameras) will be on the former family as the day draws closer.

Australian Women’s Weekly has details: “Tom and Katie have been speaking on the telephone regarding Suri and Katie has been very supportive of Tom wanting to be there when Suri goes to her new school for the first time,” a source close to the former couple told Radar Online.  “It’s a big moment in Suri’s life and Katie wants Tom to be a part of that. Katie doesn’t want Suri to suffer because of their divorce and both parents are truly putting the needs of their little girl ahead of their own feelings. 

Tom doesn’t like it, but he has reluctantly accepted this is the way it’s going to be and will absolutely be a big part of Suri’s life at school,” the source said. “Both Tom and Katie will take part in parent/teacher conferences and other school activities that Suri will become involved in.”

I have to admit, I’m a bit surprised that Tom decided to go along with this at all.  I’d have thought that he would have fought tooth and nail to keep Suri under Scientology’s strong thumb.  Could his allowing Suri to go to a regular school mean that he sees that Scientology’s homeschooling his older children, Isabella Cruise and Connor Cruise, maybe was not in their best interest in the long run?  Maybe does he have a shred of regret and that’s why he is allowing Suri to take a different educational path?  Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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