Katie Holmes Wants A New Husband and is Anxious To Marry – Dad Interviewing Applicants!

Katie Holmes Wants A New Husband and is Anxious Marry - Dad Interviewing Applicants!

After her divorce from Tom Cruise this summer Katie Holmes was concentrating on getting her and her daughter Suri Cruise settled in New York City. Katie then started  telling friends she is ready to date. She contacted two of her exes Chris Klien and Josh Brolin but she is not currently with either guy. But Katie’s days of sleeping alone are numbered. Katie’s dad Martin Holmes is on a mission find a man for his daughter.

Martin was instrumental in helping Katie escape from her bat crap crazy husband and his ruler Xenu, so who would be better to find Katie a mate? He is very close to his daughter and only wants the best for her and his granddaughter Suri.

But is a dad the best person to find a mate for his daughter? I’m not so sure about that. Think about it…a guy is already nervous meeting a woman’s father for the first time so I imagine the anxiety he must feel being interviewed for a date for his daughter! And he is interviewing for a date with not just anyone, but a famous actress recovering from the horror of being under her famous husband’s thumb as well as a whole religious organization, Scientology, aptly characterized as a cult.  It would be a creepy thing for any guy to go thorough.

Martin would be a good person to meet Katie’s dates and give his opinion of the guy’s character, etc., but he would be too emotionally involved in the screening process. Besides there are some aspects of their kids’ lives in which a parent should not interfere.

I think a better match maker for Katie would be Patti Stanger, The Millionaire Matchmaker. Patti knows the science behind pairing the right people together based on the criteria of the client but also to help her clients not repeat the same mistakes that kept them single. Katie is capable of getting her own dates. She’s gorgeous, smart and a very good mother. But in her unique situation Katie could use some professional help.

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  • ceeli

    Good to hear she’s not with Josh Brolin, since Diane Lane might not exactly endorse that.