Katy Perry Is Lusting Over Britney Spears

Katy Perry Is Lusting Over Britney Spears

Songstress Katy Perry hit Tinsletown on Saturday night, ultimately proving to fans that she loves herself some Britney Spears.  Katy was in an upbeat and cheerful mood as she made her way into Club Robertson’s Rasputin night in West Hollywood, and as the DJs cranked up the Britney, all of Katy Perry’s fireworks definitely exploded.

The ‘Fireworks’ singer came in to the club with an entourage of friends, and she didn’t go unnoticed.  As most celebrities try to go incognito in clubs (unless you’re Kim Kardashian and getting paid mucho dollar bills for a club appearance), Katy sauntered into the venue with her bright purple hair capping off a red dress.

The DJ on hand also announced that Katy was there, so you can imagine the growing line up outside.  While she partied with her buds, sipping on a beverage in hand, an insider said that as soon as Britney Spears’s famous song ‘Baby One More Time’ came on, Katy took to standing on the banquette while singing along to the pop stars hit song.

“Katy was in a roped-off area, but she was still accessible to her fans, she was posing for photos with people at the club and seemed to be having a great time.”

Katy also took to Twitter to quote another famous song from the Spice Girls:

“If you wanna be my lover you gotta get with my friends. #fact.”

True enough, Ms. Perry, true enough.  No word on how long Katy lasted at the club, but fun was definitely had.  Good to see her getting out there and letting loose! Now we have to ask the question . . . does Katy have a little crush on Britney Spears?

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