Kelly Preston And Kirstie Alley In Lesbian Affair: Revenge On John Travolta?

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Well, after months of massage therapist after massage therapist coming out of the woodwork to make salacious claims against her wayward husband, John Travolta, it appears Kelly Preston is getting hers! It seems Mrs. John Travolta has been having some late night rendezvous’ of her own- with good Scientology pal Kirstie Alley!  

It’s pretty common knowledge that these three have shared a friendship over the years, one rooted in Scientology fellowship, or so we thought…  Rumor has it that Kelly and Kirstie aren’t exactly lesbians, but if the booze is flowing and the mood strikes, neither is going to run from an encounter with the other.

Does a tidbit like this really come as a surprise to anyone?  I mean, Kelly has to have had a clue of who she married, and what his kinks are, but still after the recent rash of new allegations and lawsuits she must be furious and ready to have some fun of her own.  Surely the long-suffering, mortified wife of John Travolta deserves some sexual playtime herself?

D-listed reported this story but it has really gained momentum – and understandably Can you see a boozy hookup between these two ladies happening?  Do you think it would be simply a revenge move on Kelly’s part or does she have a real connection with Kirstie?  Whatever the case, Kelly better beware lest she wind up like Jonah in the belly of a whale. Let us know what you think in our comments section below!

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