Khloe Kardashian X Factor USA Host – Say It Ain’t So!

Khloe Kardashian X Factor USA Host – Say It Ain't So!

Khloe Kardashian might be the new X Factor host, so hang on to your hats and drama! TMZ exclusively reports that the producers have whittled down the list of finalists to 6, and Khloe is on that precious list. The creature Kardashian has to do a wee bit of a screen test for the hosting gig, because the producers refuse to allow anyone on the show without doing an audition.

Let us all take a look back at the previous host of The X Factor, who not only failed miserably in his hosting duties, but also resembled a stoic British serial killer. Steve Jones was the face of the US production and lasted only one mediocre season. However, the poor Steve was not the only host to fall by the wayside of a Simon Cowell production.

Does anyone remember Brian Dunkleman? He presented the first season of American Idol with Ryan Seacrest, but threw a bitch fit because of “how the producers treated the contestants.” He ended up writing a book about his Idol experience and how he walked out on the biggest show of the planet, which was in the Kelly Clarkson era merely a blip on the television radar. He is now known as one of the biggest idiots on the planet, along with Tom Cruise, Kris Jenner and Satan.

X-Factor is keeping the original format of trying to find the next global superstar, but Simon Cowell added Britney Spears and Demi Lovato to the mix, which has already piqued the interest of viewers who have become numb to the Idol format. X-Factor sets itself apart from the clichéd reality television schlock by being a controversial cat and mouse game between contestants and judges. Several of the biggest music stars in the world were found on X-Factor UK, including Leona Lewis and One Direction. The show has shaped the music industry in the UK; with a Christmas number 1 hit for almost 5 years running. Simon has been trying to emulate this success with a US version of the show, but the first season didn’t do too well in viewership numbers.  The show kept audiences entertained throughout, dwindled mid-season, and eventually picked up near the end in the younger demographic bracket.

We wouldn’t say we’re overly excited about a Kardashian hosting the show, but at least Khloe will be a better fit for the campy and kitsch format. We couldn’t handle Steve Jones with his terrible delivery of lines and seemingly drunken hysterics when contestants were voted off (read – Rachel being kicked off by Nicole Scherzinger). We hope Simon Cowell makes the correct executive decision and doesn’t add to the already limping viewership figures.

It’s so much better than Idol, we promise!


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