Kim Kardashian’s Pregnancy and Baby Natural or the Result of IVF Treatments?

Kim Kardashian’s Pregnancy and Baby Natural or the Result of IVF Treatments?

A huge questions looms, is Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy and baby natural or the consequence of IVF treatments?  As the lands are abuzz with news of Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy more questions are coming out as to how the Kimye baby was conceived.  If you watched the last season of Keeping up with the Kardashian’s then you know Kim was undergoing fertility treatments so that she could harvest and freeze her eggs.    So, did Kanye West willingly send his “little men” in a turkey baster to the clinic or was Kanye an unsuspecting victim that Kim set her sights on as a prospective baby daddy?

Since Kimmie is 12 weeks along, then my super mathematical skills pinpoint the conception during the pair’s trip to Rome in celebration of Kim’s birthday.  Was the romantic trip truly a love fest or a means of helping Kanye to do the deed?  So many questions to be answered; unfortunately, I’ll have to wait until Kris Jenner sells the answers to the highest bidder.  Don’t their significant others know that having a baby with a Kardashian is really just another business transaction?  Unlike Beyoncé and Jay-Z, who are very private when it comes to Blue Ivy, Yeezy and Kim K. will be sure to feature their creation’s birth, first steps, first words, and first “couture from the store’s department” baby booties on an episode of their reality show or on the front page of the tabloids.

I’m not gonna lie.  I’m fascinated by all things Kardashian and cannot look away.  If the duo really did do things the old fashion way then I’m sure video of the encounter will be posted on the web before the baby’s birth.  If Kim went through IVF, then no doubt one of the nurses recorded the procedure on her phone, and that will be online.

What do you think readers?  How was the Kimye baby conceived?

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