Kris and Bruce Jenner Divorce Delay – Kardashian Brand Business Comes First!

Kris and Bruce Jenner Divorce Delay – Kardashian Brand Business Comes First!

Reality television is a tough business. The Kardashians’ brand was a difficult sell, but Kris Jenner pulled it off in the end and made their name synonymous with trash reality television. However, the pressures of “business” usually cause relationships to crumble and become sideline news on a meaningless website. This is what is currently happening to Kris and Bruce Jenner. According to a report on Radar Online, “The marriage of Bruce and Kris Jenner is reportedly all but over and business is the only thing still keeping the celebrity couple together, but don’t expect Kris to fess up to her relationship woes anytime soon.

The couple of Botox and horrors has been managing the Kardashian brand for several years now, but a source revealed this had indeed taken the toll on their relationship, “They have grown apart and their relationship is all about business these days rather than love or romance. They’ve built a brand together thought, and that’s very profitable for both of them, not to mention the amount of valuable assets and business ventures they have together.” It’s a business arrangement and a business arrangement it will forever be.

There have been numerous reports that Kris and her Bruce have been going through a rocky patch, but this 21-year-old marriage won’t be blown out by the winds of change anytime soon. Kris has denied that anything went awry in their relationship, but several reports have stated that Bruce is already looking for a new place to live. Kris is a control freak and she will in all probability take charge of the situation and plan the breakup like a well rehearsed plot. The source concluded, “There’s no way Kris is going to go through with a divorce right now, despite the problems they are having. She’s determined to keep up the façade of a happy marriage at all costs. Showbiz and her career come way before any chance of divorce.

Reality television is indeed a tough business…

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