Kris Humphries’ Ex Myla Sinanaj Slams Kim Kardashian: She’s a ‘Cruel Bitch!’

Kris Humphries' Ex Myla Sinanaj Slams Kim Kardashian: She's a 'Cruel Bitch!'

Kris Humphries‘ ex girlfriend, Myla Sinanaj, is slamming Kim Kardashian, calling her a “cruel bitch” for scheduling her deposition on the one year anniversary of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries’ wedding. Myla will give her deposition today in New York City, which is all part of the messy Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian divorce. Apparently, Myla is telling her friends that she’s not going to hold back in her statements and will reveal the truth about Kim Kardashian’s original motivations behind the wedding. Sounds like she’s going to rush in and save Kris.

TMZ is reporting that Myla will “testify that Kris repeatedly told her Kim defrauded him in the marriage, grousing that he ‘got played.’ Kris is fighting the divorce, insisting on an annulment based on fraud. Kris claims Kim never loved him and married him only to spike ratings on her reality show.”

Myla also says that Kris hated how his life was continuously on display and hated the cameras following him around everywhere he went. But if you think Myla is just saying all this stuff against Kim K because she’s still in mad dog love with Kris, then you’re sorely mistaken. Myla claims that her relationship with Kris is “dead, so she has nothing to lose by telling the truth, and therefore she will be “100% honest” in answering questions during the depo.”

What do you think about Myla’s cooperation with Kris Humphries? Are her intentions/motivations pure or is she just trying to capture a bi more of this bright Hollywood limelight? How excited are you about this Myla Sinanaj deposition?

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  1. […] • Kris Humphries‘ ex Myla Sinanaj calls Kim Kardashian a “cruel bitch” for scheduling their divorce hearing on her and Kris’ wedding anniversary. I think the word you mean is “opportunistic.” (Celeb Dirty Laundry) […]