Kristen Stewart and Ben Affleck Intimate Dinner Date – Could This Be Her Next Director Affair?

Kristen Stewart and Ben Affleck Intimate Dinner Date – Could This Be Her Next Director Affair?

Kristen Stewart is a cheating buffoon with horrible acting skills, so perhaps the young actress from Hell could learn a few tips from her latest man-hunt. According to a Mike Walker report, K-Stew had some intimate time with Mr. Good Will Hunting himself, Ben Affleck. Yes, ladies and gentleman, while you break down your Jennifer Garner altar, scream in your head, and blame the weather for your misfortune, let’s give you a low-down on what went down between Stewart and Affleck, the weirdest coupling since Honey Boo Boo and that cute pig. (Note: Stewart is the pig in this story)

Affleck entered Beverly Hills Hotel’s A-List Polo lounge recently without his electric wife by his side. There, at the battleground of Hollywood ‘s elite, Affleck was joined by none other than Stewart. The two shared a lovely meal together and discussed intimate stuff that wouldn’t even interest our Aunt Mildred. According to sources at the dinner date, “Ben and Kristen looked really involved in conversation and appeared to have some kind of electric chemistry from the moment they sat down. The dinner lasted several hours and Ben looked totally enchanted. They were deep in conversation.”

Before you scream louder than a vegan with a meat dress, Affleck and Kristen were luckily not discussing their future together and/or clicking on that horror advertisement on the net that says, “Want to see what your babies will look like? Click here!” (We once clicked on that ad while searching for baby names for our new cat and discovered that our future babies are indeed Rosemary’s Babies) The business meeting – read business – revolved around Affleck’s yearning to cast Stewart in his next film, Focus. This is how Hollywood rolls, yo! If every Hollywood meeting were to be a secret affair, we’d have Beverly Hillbillies on our silver screens in no time!

There’s no doubt in our minds that Stewart is already licking her lips and preparing to bite down on her new director. Hey, she did it before; she’ll definitely do it again! Not even a radiation scrub down will change the spots on this leopard! What do you think? Do you think Stewart should be let out of her cage and allowed to be with hot directors? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Kristen Stewart and Ben Affleck Intimate Dinner Date – Could This Be Her Next Director Affair?

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18 responses to “Kristen Stewart and Ben Affleck Intimate Dinner Date – Could This Be Her Next Director Affair?”

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  3. EDDI COOPER says:



  4. gff1 says:

    You are really an awful person. Can’t you leave this poor girl alone? I know what she did was wrong and so does she and everyone else in the world. She and Rob are trying to make it because they love each other. Ben and Jennifer have a very solid relationship, END O F STORY!!

    • Renier Palland says:

      Thank you for calling me an awful person! I appreciate your kindness.

      No, we can’t leave her alone.

      • Dahlia says:

        You have a hell of a nerve to talk about “kindness.” You called someone you don’t know a pig, and a buffoon and are spreading malicious, speculative gossip about her. I don’t care how much you dislike the woman; do you know what you’re doing is called in the Bible? “Evil speech.” Yep.

        That was BUSINESS meeting. Business meetings in Hollywood typically take
        place over a meal, in a quiet, expensive restaurant. Period, end of
        story, and you KNOW it. It’s natural to gossip, but only really horrible people make up malicious gossip *for profit* which is what you did with this article.

        People do learn lessons in life. Given the circumstances of Stewart’s downfall (i.e. public humiliation) and the gratitude she no doubt feels for Rob taking her back, the likelihood of it happening again are next to ZERO.

        Grow up and find something uplifting for a living!

  5. Cheppe says:

    Celeb Dirty Laundry needs to presents facts and STOP slamming KStewart. No one wants to read this. I stopped during the 1st paragraph. Ben and Jennifer have a strong relationship and to suggest Kristen is going to wreck their marriage is unprofessional and slanderous!

    • Renier Palland says:

      If you didn’t hate on us so quickly, and took the time to read the REST of the article, you would have noticed that they were not being intimate during the dinner date. They were, in fact, discussing a new film deal.

      Pfft. Some people.

      • Dahlia says:

        Then why did you start it off the way you did? Title it the way you did? You really are a piece of work.

  6. Cheppe says:

    Anniston has been pregnant for years…. Britain’s leaders were pregnant before they were married and now every week they are pregnant…. so now it is Kristen. Is she amongst the top three to be pregnant every week for years to come? Come on folks, can you not report anything worth reading?

  7. slutK says:

    Yay the ride is begin! !! This time I wish for their sex tape. Since kristen’s already bought the minicooper sex tape

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  9. daisyandus says:

    I hope he has better sense than to hook up with that no-talent whiner.

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  11. Jane3 says:

    The movie already sold and they are still together, so what else you got?

  12. Karina says:

    The only “pig”in this article is the disgusting PIG that
    wrote it lol. Prolly looks like a pig too oink oink haha

  13. Karina says:

    So this coward of a journalist likes to insult ppl but
    needs to review any negative comments
    about him/her before they post. What a joke.